Building a slide out for your tiny home or school bus conversion

Building a slide out for your tiny home or school bus conversion

How difficult is it to make your own slide out and would I ever attempt this again? This step was one of the most painful but as of yet has been one of the most fulfilling so far. I can’t even start tell you how many bumps, bruises, cuts, muscle aches, and so on, I received on this step. But I must say that I really love the way the slide outs is progressing.

This idea came to me when I was using an engine hoist that I have. I figured the engine hoist I have can hold multiple tons and the steel that is used on that hoist is a fraction of the size and it will still able to hold up all of that weight and that this thing I was creating would be able to hold up whatever we put in that slide out without any issue.

Then as I brainstormed, look for others that have done or attempted to do this, I ran into this gentleman while Googling and scouring the internet. With those pieces of the puzzle I was able to get to work.

Before I continue, here’s the video

Tools and materials I used for the slide out

This is a rough outline of tools and materials I used on this step. Obviously there are other random tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and so on that are not listed below:

  • Plasma torch
  • Mig welder 4-1/2 inch Electric Angle Grinder
  • 20- 4-1/2 inch Cut Off Wheels
  • Titanium Drill Bit Set
  • 4 1/2 inch Titanium Drill Bit
  • 2 1 inch Drill Bit
  • Steel Square Tube 4×4 1/4 inch thick by 25ft long
  • Steel Square Tube 3×3 1/4 inch thick by 25ft long
  • 6×6 inch 3/8 thick angle
  • 50- 1″ 5mm thick flat washers
  • 32- 1″ thin washers
  • 100 6205-2RS Bearings
  • 25 Ball Metal Transfer Bearing
  • 32- 1/2 6 inch bolts
  • 32- 1/2 inch bolts
  • 100- 1/2 inch washers

Issues I Encountered

Many of the issues I had on this step was due to the lack of appropriate tools for the job. Because of one of the jobs that I do, which is restoring cars, I have ended up owning a wide variety of tools. But most of these tools are intended for lighter steel work and not for this heavy duty steel I been working with in this step. As a result, much of the time I spent on this step was trying to work through the shortcomings of my tools.

I don’t know how many times this is going to happen to me before I get the hint. We need to have the appropriate tools for the job or else it makes everything 100 times harder. And just because I have tools doesn’t mean that they are the right ones for the job.

plasma cutting torch

My Thoughts and Success

Besides the issues I had with the tools, this step wasn’t too difficult. Once I purchased an electric angle grinder, cutting and dealing with the thicker steel became a breeze. Looking back I really enjoyed this part of the project.

Anytime I am able to create something and it ends up working the way you think, is awesome and the feeling you get from that is indescribable. So to answer the question what I do this again? Yes I would, as it only gets easier the more you do it right.

pictures of this step

slide out measurements
slide out measurements 2
nuts bolts and washers

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