Sorry it’s been so quiet over here lately. I promised summer updates and happenings around these parts but some family things have peaked around here and I feel the motherly instinct kicking in big time. That instinct is to protect my family. When sharing your life on the internet I find that I constantly struggle… 

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Our Diet Change, How Are Kids Handled It, and Some Other Ideas

eating healthy whole foods

I wasn’t sure what to name this post because this topic really encompasses so many different things. So with that said, Im just going to dive in. I have always enjoyed eating healthy foods and have always been somewhat knowledgeable in how to eat healthy. One may just assume that eating fruits and veggies everyday… 

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Feeling Grateful

feeling grateful

This past week has had me feeling really grateful for my life. I always am grateful and never forget the struggles that I have had in my life in the past. Where I am today is where I am suppose to be.  It’s very easy to assume that the grass is always greener, but I… 

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