Happy Thanksgiving


I just wanted to stop in to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! This year we have many things to be grateful for. Well, every year we have lots to be grateful for, but this year has been the year of making things happen, so seeing everything come together and move along really has been awesome.

Even when life is hard we always have something to appreciate and be grateful for, although it may be hard to find. When the kids are driving me nuts I can easily slip into the feeling and forget just how lucky I am to have such a healthy and beautiful family. To have children that love me, that overall are good children no matter how I may beg to differ some days.

Yesterday was Luis and I’s 9th wedding anniversary. The fact that it’s been 9 years is something grateful in and of itself, but the things that we have been through over the years, the ups and downs and everything in between has only made us stronger and closer. I am grateful for that. Of course there are regrets but being able to forgive and grow is only the best outcome. We are stronger and stronger together and as the years pass and the memories grow, I can only see our family getting better.

Luis made me this video about our lives together with pictures of us from the beginning and of our children. It was an awesome surprise and I was so moved by the video. It couldn’t have come at a better time than a day before Thanksgiving. That video really helped me to see once again how lucky I am. I always know this, but little reminders throughout the day help to keep it into perspective.

So in closing, I am thankful for my husband, children, and family first and foremost. I am also thankful for the ability to be able to homeschool and teach my children and grow with my children. I am so thankful to have the ability to stay home with my children and have an ever so talented husband that has always found ways to keep it that way. I am so grateful for a husband that loves me no matter what, that is content in his life, that wants to be with his family, and who keeps us as his main priority. I can’t tell you how many people I hear from out there where their situation is not so lucky. I hit the lottery.

This Thanksgiving and every other one before and ahead of us, I have lots and lots to be thankful for.

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