A Weekly Wrap-Up And Some Thoughts on the Next School Year

Last week was a shorter week with Easter but it went well. The girls are continuing to improve greatly with their reading, we finished up the McGuffey Reader Book 1, and their interest in writing and reading on their own time has continued to grow. This makes me happy of course, and I hope they… 

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027 How to Become An Astrophysicist While Learning To Become a Mechanic Through Alternative Learning Methods

tiny house, homeschooling, stress relief

How can a person like me that despised school and anything to do with school become passionate about learning? I discussed the method that I use to become obsessed with learning and what are some free tools available to all of us that can help us in our self guided education. How can you get… 

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Oh Summer, Where Art Thou?

summer time sprinklers

Yes, it’s true, down here in South Florida we do not have to deal with “those” winters,but the title of this post is not about the weather.  Although it gets brutally humid and hot down here in the summer, which no one enjoys, I am still looking forward to the summer time where we have… 

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