Oh Summer, Where Art Thou?

summer time sprinklers

Yes, it’s true, down here in South Florida we do not have to deal with “those” winters,but the title of this post is not about the weather.  Although it gets brutally humid and hot down here in the summer, which no one enjoys, I am still looking forward to the summer time where we have no schedules and can do what we please.

We have three months left, and I know it will fly by as this year has flown by already, but it’s starting ware on me big time. I just feel exhausted.

Homeschool is still going good, the girls are learning a lot and Hailey is only giving me a hard time a few times a week as opposed to every day like the beginning of the year, but the whole process of planning, keeping track of, and doing school can really wain on you. As a mother who homeschools I am always wondering and worrying if we are doing enough and if the girls are learning what they need to learn. I am always trying to find out new ways of teaching them, cool little projects to do, and new topics to learn.

And besides school, we have the busy schedule of after school activities and work, work, work! I am not complaining as I am very grateful to be able to do what we are doing, but I am just ready for that summer break!

I am itching for the days where the kids play in the sprinklers all day, getting ice cream, waking up whenever we want without the thoughts of school in the back of our minds, and no late afternoons of running around town stuck in traffic while trying to get the girls to their activities on time!

It’s funny how life goes sometimes. I use to dread summer but still want the simple schedule when the kids were in regular school. I dreaded it because I knew that the kids would be home every single day for several months, which always stressed me out. But now they are home every day and it’s as if we went back in time where I never even knew what it was like to have my kids at school all day long. I don’t desire that at all, while I do cherish my alone time. I guess I am just very sound in my decision to homeschool that thankfully I do not want them to go away for school, so now, its just about simplifying our schedule.

Thanks for letting me ramble!

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