Relaxed Homeschool Week 13

thanksgiving leaf garland

So this past week was a pretty successful one, thankfully! The girls read to me every morning, which not only has been one of those eye awakening things, its also has helped them on their reading skills tremendously already. I always put off their reading till after we finish all of our other work, but as I mentioned in other posts, by that time we are all ready to be done. So putting it first has really changed the way I look at reading with them.

We started working on money this week as well. It has been sort of hit or miss, but I am positive it is not because they don’t understand what we are doing and that it is solely because they are just not giving it all of their attention.  When they are trying and paying attention they are both blowing me away. Especially Hailey, who actually grasped the concept of counting money, switching coins and skip counting much quicker than Lilly did.  But every day has been different as far as how they are doing, so I will keep at it and I know it will all come together. I think I am going to make this a block in itself.  Maybe a 2 week block, then move onto a time telling 2 week block. They do okay with telling time, but I haven’t yet really dove into anything past the top of the hour and the half hour. But they are really well versed in their 5’s counting, so I am not too worried about it.

We also continued to read from our Matilda book with only a few more chapters to go. I am eager to finish it, but with Thanksgiving being this coming week I am going to switch gears and read them “ An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” on our Kindle.  It really reminds me of the Little House books, which we have already read the first one.  I will read that to them all that week, then pick back up with Matilda.

They still continue to write in their journals once a week, and its still a positive thing! They also are doing pretty well with cursive. We just finished “s”, so we are almost done with the alphabet. I can’t wait to be done with the alphabet and then move onto more whole words.

We also collected dried leaves and painted them for our Thanksgiving decorations. I love the way they turned out and in the picture above is the finished product. Its colorful, funky, and pretty!

In our Story of the World history book we finished chapter 8 and learned about Gilgamesh and Enkidu. We wrote a fairy tale using Gilgamesh and Enkidu as main characters. The girls liked it because they were able to incorporate fairies and pixie dust (go figure).

Next week will be a short week as we are taking off Thursday and Friday. Depending on how I feel on Wednesday, we may take that off as well because I have a lot to do to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Thanks for checking in again!

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