Relaxed Homeschool Week 16

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Week 16 came and went and homeschooling went pretty well.  Unfortunately last week we had to deal with sickness, which is the first time so far in our homeschool journey. Hunter was very sick during the first part of the week. While we did do school on those days it really added another level of stress for me. Hunter was very clingy and miserable, so trying to read to the girls, having them read to me, and keeping things quiet was pretty impossible. Luis also had to work throughout the whole week to get the truck restoration finished, so I didn’t have my Tuesday and Thursday morning breaks. In the end we ended up taking Friday off. We all deserved it..especially me! Hah!

During week 16 we started the Little House on the Prairie book and the girls continued to read their own little books to me. They chose some silly little readers that I don’t really enjoy, but hey, they are reading so I can’t be too picky. We also continued on our cursive journey with the letter W. I usually like to do 2 letters a week, but as I mentioned before, I was on survival mode and we didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do this week. I can’t wait to finish the letters so that we can move onto really practicing forming words and sentences. My goal for the end of the year is to have them writing cursive with some ease. I obviously don’t expect perfection, but I do want them to have a good understanding of cursive. I plan on buying the New American Cursive book 2 once we finish with book 1. I also plan to buy the non-religious book as we aren’t religious.  I believe it focuses on quotes from famous Americans as opposed to scripture.little house on the prairieChristmas Around the World, Shel Silverstein, & Little House on the Prairie

Poetry is also being done once again and last week we did the funny poem called “Hat” by Shel Silverstein. It was cute and the girls enjoyed it. We also started the Christmas Around the World coloring book given the season.  Each coloring page talks about the typical traditions of Christmas from around the world. The girls seems to enjoy it and its actually pretty interesting for me as well.

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For math the girls did their Hot Dots in money and telling time. They both seemed to struggle with it, so its apparent that we must continue to work on those two things.  I did however also include a math review of all the concepts we have covered so far this year. Skip counting, multiplication, division, odd & even, addition, and subtraction. I gave them two days to finish the little review sheet I created and they both did very well. Hailey actually did better on both days than Lilly did. I don’t call this a test but only a review because while I did mark the wrong answers, I did not give them grades and we went over their wrong answers together. It was only for me to store away in their math folders and to give me an idea on what they have retained or not. Its been about a month since we have really done anything in those areas, so it makes me happy to see that they both remember the stuff even though its been a while.

Lilly’s big night

On the grammar side of things we finished out the nouns with learning about ideas. They both now have a great understanding of nouns. Next week we will start talking about pronouns.

gingerbread housegingerbread house decorating

On the lighter side of homeschooling, we made a gingerbread house from a kit and also made homemade marshmallows using this recipe. They both turned out fun and tasty (not the house as it was foam). Lilly also had her Christmas ballet performances over the weekend so we all went to see her Saturday night. She was so excited and did a great job!

homemade marshmallowshomemade marshmallows

Till next week….

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