1967 Ford Truck F250 4X4 High Boy Restoration

Classic truck 1967 Ford F250 4X4 High Boy Pickup Truck

This is a 1967 Ford truck F250 4X4 high boy pickup truck that I am restoring for one of my customers. This is the first time this gentleman has ever done this type of project, and the first time he’s ever purchased a classic vehicle. He was extremely lucky purchasing this truck in the condition that it was in.

Because of the condition of this truck this project has been one of the most pleasurable experiences in recent times as far as these types of projects go and it’s all because of the condition of the truck before hand.

He purchased this truck in Miami, but was recently brought down here from Arizona. Buying a car from a desert state minimizes one of the major enemies of classic vehicle restoration, rust. That’s the reason why this truck is in such great shape. Many times picking the car in the wrong state can be the death nail of the project before it even starts because of the amount of work and money that will have to go into the car or truck to bring it back to life. I always recommend buying a vehicle from one of the desert states to my customers when they come to me for advice on purchasing a classic car or truck for restoration. The amount of money, hassle, and time saved is insurmountable.

This is not a full body off the frame restore but you don’t always have to do that type of work for this type of project to come out excellent. The reason why the customer decided not to go with a full body off the frame restore was to save on costs. It can become very pricey when you start to get into taking the full body off and etc. I will get into how much you will expect to pay for this type of work as well as down-to-the last-bolts type of restoration in future blog posts.

In closing, on your request I will be bringing you more information on these types of projects and explain each step of the process so that hopefully you will be able to save time and money on your project.

Here is the introduction video

Restoring a 1967 Ford F250 4×4 short bed pickup truck. This is one of the ways I support my family. I will show you the whole process from beginning to end, so stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of the truck beforehand

1967 Ford F250 4X4 High Boy front
1967 Ford F250 4X4 High Boy right front
1967 Ford F250 4X4 High Boy left front
Right side classic Ford 1967 Doorjamb Interior high boy
1967 vintage Ford right side rear truck bed
1967 Ford F250 4X4 High Boy left rear
classic 1967 Ford truck tailgate
classic Ford truck bed rust
f250 1967 gauges steering column
1967 interior ford f250
1967 Ford F250 door panels


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