Welcome to Lemonhead Press. Our family is on a mission to chart our own course by living on our own terms. We’re tired of chasing the TV version of the American dream. We realized that if we wanted to have true happiness we needed to start living in the moment. We feel that self-sufficiency, independence, and liberty start at home and with our family. Taking control of our lives was number one on our list to accomplish this goal. So we decided to transform our lives so we could achieve our vision of true happiness. We’ve started documenting our life’s transformations not only for ourselves, but in hopes that it would help others.

Relaxed Waldorf Homeschooling Unschooling


Homeschooling is a cornerstone of our new life. Our children’s education is the most important things to us. With our experience in the public school system and the cost of private schools it all just seems to be unattainable. We also knew that drilling for the next test was not the way we wanted our children to be educated. We want our kids to learn in a more relaxed environment. Homeschooling can be very stressful and overwhelming sometimes but we feel it will be well worth it in the end.

Tiny House School Bus Conversion

School Bus Conversion

We are converting a school bus into a tiny house. We’ll be documenting each step of the process with videos and blog posts. Documenting each step of the process is important to us because when we were thinking about taking on this project we found it extremely difficult to find any information on this subject. We know that this is a huge endeavor but we feel that this will be a key component in reaching the personal freedom we are trying to achieve.