About Lemonhead Press

Who We Are and What We Offer

Like lots of other great ideas, Lemonhead Press was conceived out of necessity. While searching for unique greeting cards to give to my friends and loved ones, it was shockingly difficult to find cool designs with appropriate messages at a reasonable price. Not to mention the difficulty of finding tasteful but fun adult birthday cards. It quickly occurred to me that there was a need to be filled, and that I just might be the right person to fill it.

After crunching the numbers and enduring the gut wrenching process of building a business plan, I took the plunge and started Lemonhead Press. Although it was nerve wracking to launch the site once my initial inventory had been stocked, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ever since that auspicious launch day, I’ve been proud and excited to offer my homemade greeting cards and paper products to the world. Every element of each product is painstakingly handcrafted, and every product goes through careful consideration before being posted in the shop. This means that, unlike the products found in the drugstore, every card you buy from Lemonhead Press is truly one of a kind.

However, you are probably still wondering: with all of the choices out there on the web for paper products from small, independent presses, why should you buy from Lemonhead Press? Here are just a few introductory reasons:

Unique Greeting Card Stock Paper Messages

If you are searching for a greeting card to offer congratulations on a successful natural childbirth, you will probably be looking for a very long time if you depend on your local stationary store. However, Lemonhead Press has you covered with a variety of products with greeting card sayings that you just won’t see anywhere else. Your friends will know that you went out of your way to find a card just for them. What’s more, you will be taking a stand and voting with your dollars to say that events outside of the mainstream are just as deserving of celebration as any other.

Responsible, High Quality Printing

Lemonhead Press uses responsibly sourced greeting card paper stock, as well as environmentally friendly inks in every product offered in the shop. I want you to feel as good about sending these cards, invitations and party supplies as I do about making them. Also, the quality of every hand printed product is absolutely top notch; no order will ship with any kind of printing error or cosmetic defect. Your satisfaction is my primary goal, and I aim to go above and beyond your expectation with every order.

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

One thing that struck me when looking around for greeting cards was that when I finally found something that wowed me, something that I would actually be excited to send, the price of the card or invitation was often outrageous. It was disheartening, to say the least. So, when creating my inventory, I made sure to keep my overhead low so that I could continuously offer the fairest price possible. One of my main goals is to make quality greeting cards accessible to all who wish to send them.

Perhaps the most important reason to turn to Lemonhead Press for all your greeting card and stationary needs is the fact that each card was made with a single goal in mind – to help you make your loved ones feel special by giving them a greeting card as unique and as wonderful as they are. I am proud to offer the kinds of cards that will be cherished by all who receive them. You can rest assured that you are making a great impression with a card from Lemonhead Press.

I am truly dedicated to serving my customers. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please contact me through the site to ask about the possibility for custom orders or designs. I welcome the chance to help you get exactly what you are looking for, and to help Lemonhead Press become your go-to resource for all your stationary needs. Let Lemonhead Press represent your unique sense of style with invitations and greeting cards that will wow your friends and loved ones.