Bus Conversion Dreams

Bus ConversionSo, we bought the bus!! It seems very quick since the announcement of our plan last week but it all seemed to have fallen into place.  We have been looking for quite a while and made a bid on a bus two weeks ago but didnt win.  Then we saw this bus on Craigslist and bam, the next day it was ours.  Its a 2001 flat nose diesel bus. I dont know the model number or anything but it is probably around 30 ft long.  It has been fleet maintained which was one of our musts.  This basically means that the public school system maintained the bus very well and when it was too old to use, they sold it at auction.  We then bought it from the buyer which was never used by anyone else.  This is exactly what we were looking for and it just seems meant to be.  We drove it home last week and still we can hardly believe that there is a bus sitting in the driveway.  Honestly, I dont know what we were thinking, but at the same time, we are super excited to begin this bus conversion and begin this new chapter in our lives.

Bus Conversion First Steps

The first step in this process is to gut the entire bus, which means that we have to remove each bench one by one.  From reading around the web I am prepared for quite the experience in trying to unscrew these babies.  I’ve heard its a real headache, so here we go with that! Once it’s gutted we plan on raising the roof by 2ft so that we can 1) have more head room which in return will make the space feel larger, and 2) be able to make our bed into a loft bed in order to keep any precious floor space.  We plan on having a kids room in the back, with our bed in the front of the bus. We hope to get as much privacy as possible given the tight space.  Bus Conversion Dreams

Along the way in this crazy and maybe at the same time admirable journey of ours, we plan on updating you every step of the way.  I know we are not the first family to do this, nor will we be the last, but hopefully someone can learn something from our experiences and our mistakes and of course we hope to inspire many more to reach for their dreams and not be afraid to do so even their dreams are out of the ordinary.

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