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bus conversion

Today I wanted to share a little video we made to update you guys on our progress with our bus conversion floor plan.  As of right now we have somewhat of a floor plan figured out and have gutted the entire inside of the bus.  Luis is about to raise the roof, but we havent done it yet, so obviously we cant show you that right now, but we do have a video of us making measurements and taping everything out.  I wouldn’t view these videos as purely educational as they are mostly for fun.  However, I do think that you guys will learn a bit about the actual size of the inside of the bus.  To us, before we purchased our own bus, we would try and find bus dimensions online, but were never able to find a straight forward answer.  Im pretty sure this is due to the fact that there are so many sizes of buses out there, but it was still quite frustrating when you are trying to figure out if living in a bus with 4 kids is even realistic.

Getting Rid of the Clutter!

So after purchasing our bus we are finally able to see for ourselves.  While the space is going to be tight, I know we can do it.  I am actually very excited to see how creative I will have to get storage wise, as well how much stuff we are going to have to get rid of.  I am a donator all the way.  I donate or throw away like it’s my job.  I hate clutter and unorganized closets and drawers.  So this challenge is quite exciting for me.  I know in reality that we only really “need” 10% of what we own, and the rest is just extras (thats my belief anyway, and any hoarder out there would sure beg to differ).

Bus Measurements

Anyways, back to the measurements; our 2001 Thomas bus is about 35 ft long x 9 ft wide x 6ft tall (interior). With the roof raise we will have around 8ft of head room. With the 2 slide outs we will have an additional 3 ft in width for the little kids bunk beds, and 3 additional feet of space in the living room area.  This will make a HUGE difference! So as we make progress along the way be sure you keep checking in for more updates and videos!


  1. PerriAngela says

    You’re so right about trying to find bus dimensions on the internet! I’ve been trying to find the same all week and can’t nail anything down. How many rows of seats were in your bus? And thanks for all the great videos and posts! : )

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