Bus Conversion- Some Questions Answered

bus conversionJust some thoughts on how we came to the decision to live in a bus.

You may be asking yourself how can someone just decide to live in a bus? Where do you even begin? How are you going to make money? How is everyone going to fit in such a small space?  In the next couple of months we hope to show you guys our journey in figuring out all of these questions that we often ask ourselves and have no answers too at the moment. But in this post I’m going to try to start to answer one of these questions.

The Decision to Live In a School Bus

 I could say we always thought how cool it would be to live in a bus or that this has been our lifelong dream as far back as we can remember, but that’s not true at all. We have always thought of our selves as the out-of-the-box thinker and felt like our thinking was just slightly different than the people around us, but it seemed like we were chasing the same dreams and goals with some modifications of course, that everyone else was chasing.  These dreams I am referring too are the 4 bedroom home, owning two brand new cars, having two great careers, and everyone being happy and go lucky. Ya know, the “American” dream. Well when Katie graduated college with her bachelors degree, our logical next step would be for her to get a full time job in the field she studied in, however, with Hunter only being 1 ½ years old, neither of us were ready to stick him daycare full time.  Coupled with this reality, we tried to find a way that we can make an income and be around our kids.  We want to never have to rely on anyone, especially strangers, to take care of our children.  Don’t get us wrong, we may not have a choice in the future as many of you out there don’t right now.  But in our specific situation, this is the perfect time to try and figure out and set some life goals.  One of these life goals is to be fully self-sufficient.  As of right now we live in Katie’s father’s house which is a great help to us, but as it stands, we don’t make enough money to ever live entirely on our own right now.  Our reality is that we will never be able to afford a home that we dream of or two brand new cars that everyone so desires.  While this reality of ours could be heartbreaking and sound hopeless in turning our thought process around, we actually have turned it into a gift.  We quickly realized that we don’t “need” any of this stuff and it really is not necessary.  Instead of trying to make enough money to obtain and keep these things, it just makes more sense to make enough money in that we can maintain our lifestyle as we see fit.  I would hate to never get to see my kids because I have to work constantly to keep our home, cars, expenses, and vacations.  It just doesn’t feel like living to us. 

So with that said, we set out to break down our own assumptions and natural thoughts on what success is and through that process, we came up with the idea of converting a school bus, simplifying life and going out on the road.  Why travel you ask? Well, we want to get out of south Florida so bad but we haven’t spent too much time in any other place around the U.S.  Because choosing a place to move to is a big decision and one that we are not ready to make, but at the same time oh so ready to get the hell out of dodge, we  thought that by traveling around and spending time in places will help us decide down the line.  See, it doesn’t seem so crazy after all huh?

 Our time frame for all of this is to hopefully get the bus conversion completed by summer 2014 or soon after, homeschool all the children (eek!!) and go on the road for a year or so.  The time that we spend on the road is very up in the air.  We may find our “home” sooner than a year but decide that we should travel to wherever we want while we have the chance, or we may decide that we love traveling around so much that we just keep it going past a year.  The overall feeling I get when I talk about this new change in our lives is freedom.  Freedom from working for someone else, freedom from mortgage payments, freedom from being tied down anywhere.  With the rat race that is life, especially having three kids in school, it just seems like total peace to me.  Yes, I do realize that being around four kids 24/7 has its major downsides, but overall, this is the best thing for us right now.  And when we do find our home, we will already have our home with us. 

More answers to many questions to come…

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