Bus Conversion- Thomas 2001 Seat Removal

bus conversion

Update On Our Bus Conversion

Hi everyone! We wanted to stop by and share an update on our bus conversion and a cool video that we created.  We have made great progress with our bus and are almost ready to raise the roof! It has been a very exciting process and not as hard as any of us anticipated.  So far we have removed the seats of the bus, removed all the metal paneling inside the bus, including the roof, and loosened all the windows to get it ready for the roof raise.  This post is about the seat removal, as we will share everything in detail as we go.  When researching bus conversion before we purchased our own bus, we had a very hard time finding any real detailed steps.  Most blogs or thread posts were brief updates with huge gaps in time. So, for anyone who is wanting to attempt a bus conversion like us but hasnt done so yet, they can hopefully learn through us.

What Did It Take

So, in this video you will see us removing all the seats within the bus.  Everything I had read about seat removal always painted a picture of the whole process being daunting and taking days and days.  However, with us it took only a few hours.  I think that the main reason it took such a short time was because it is a two man job and we quickly figured it out, as well as already having the proper tools.  We used an air impact gun with a 1/2″ socket, and a 1/2″ wrench. Since most people wont have the luxury of owning an air impact gun ( we already have one because of Luis’ automotive work), you can either use a 1/2″ socket wrench and a 1/2″ wrench, or buy a power drill with an attachment to allow it to hold a 1/2″ socket.  The best way to remove the seats with these tools is to use the socket to unscrew the bolt while someone else is under the bus, holding the nut in place while doing so.  The bolts of the seats went straight through to the underside of the bus and when using the air impact gun alone, the nut was not allowing for the bolt to come loose.  Once we discovered this, and began using the two man method, the bolts were coming off within seconds.

seat removal 2

The City Dump

So now that the seats are removed we were able to strip the seats of all its cushions and dump them at the city dump. I must warn you before you load everything up in your car and bring them to the dump is that the only reason why I was able to dump them was because I knew the person that ran it.  Otherwise I would not have been able to do so because it is considered an automotive part.  If your city is like Miami, then you would have to rent a dumpster and dump everything in there.  A pain, big pain, so we got lucky.  We also plan to turn in the metal frames of the seats and hopefully get some cash for that.  We broke all the frames down already so that they are easier to transport and will give you an update on that once that comes.

Our First Video

Below you will find the video that we made. It shows the complete seat removal in fast motion.  I hope you enjoy, and be sure to check back in soon for more updates!


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    Jus started doing a conversion myself, more of a toy hauler with room for the family up front. I just wanted to ask if you had looked into selling the old seats as scrap metal. Most metal recyclers pay for material like that by the pound. I bought mine without the seats, so I didn’t have that problem. Good luck with the build. If you’re interested, you can see some of my stuff on the Skoolie site…just search for OLDSKWL.

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      Hi Nathan!
      Thanks for your interest. Yes, we plan on selling the frames for hopefully some money.. Every little bit helps ya know? We ended up dumping the cushions at the dump.

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