The Roof Has Been Raised….finally!

thomas bus roof raisedThe roof has finally been raised and I can’t tell you how excited we are over here!! We have been preparing for this step for what feels like months and with all the planning and prep, to finally get it done is really a cool thing.  With anything that you are planning in life, being able to finally see it happen is almost surreal.  Luis did all the work of course but the kids and I showed up at the end to see the results.  The bus feels instantly 3 times as big and open as before.  All of our floor planning is also much easier to see now that we can actually feel the new height, not just picture it in our minds.  We raised the bus by 2 feet which will not only give us more head room, but allow for our queen loft bed/bedroom in the front of the bus, and the kids triple bunk beds in the rear of the bus.  The roof raise will also just make it feel as if we have more room.

thomas bus conversion roof raise

thomas bus conversion roof raise

thomas bus conversion roof raiseWhat a difference in space huh?

Now usually we would have a video for you to see of the whole process but unfortunately the freaking camera broke and all of the video we had of the roof raise was destroyed.  We have since bought a new camera and hope to have more videos ready for you all soon.  We are really bummed about this, as the roof raise is one of the most important steps in this process.  However, there are still the slide-outs that need to be completed, so we should be able to get that recorded.

Luis was able to raise the roof using 4 farm jacks and a custom made steel piece that attached to the farm jacks and welded to the bus.  He designed and made this custom attachment, so it cannot be bought, however, we will be sure to make a post on that with more details.  His next steps are to weld on the rest of the steel to each bar, remove that side paneling of the bus in preparation for the slide outs, and of course, creating the slide outs! Many exciting things to come!!


  1. Rika-Mari says

    Thank you so much for detailing your progress! It will help others who are trying to do the same 🙂 I have a question regarding the roof raising, is there a reason you only lifted 2 feet rather than 3 (I know in Canada the height limit is 3 extra feet from the original height of the bus. ) Is it a safety consideration? I am thinking of raising the roof of our bus three feet, but am wondering if it would compromise the stability of the bus while driving… I’d really love your input on your decision to do 2 feet,
    Thank you so much,

    • glos-152 says

      Hi there! Yes, the reason why we only raised the roof by 2 feet is because most bridges over here in America are about 13 1/2 feet high. We want to have enough room for solar panels and an AC unit on the roof, and I guess anything else that comes up that we might need to add on top of the roof! Thanks for reading!!

      • Rika-Mari says

        Thanks for the explanation 🙂 So will your bed loft’s floor start below the original roof height of the bus then? And if so, what did you plan underneath this area, since you’d most likely be unable to stand at full height there right?

        • says

          We are going to put the bed towards the front above the driver and passenger seats. For now the plan is to make the bed movable. The bed will have the ability to move up and down. That way we can move the bed up to a high position when driving around and lowered down when parked.

  2. Adam says

    Wow Luis!!

    I pinned this to my RV pintrest page. Thank you so much.. I am about to embark on a roof raise on my schoolie in Australia and have been trying to find information from DIYers whe have build slideouts, because I wiuld like to put three in my bus, one for each livingroom lounge and one for the master bed..


    I’ll keep on Browsing. Blessings be to you and your family..

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