A tiny house on wheels; what does this mean to us?

A tiny house on wheels school bus grils runing

As I scour the internet looking for inspiration and ideas that might help me build our new home, I consistently find myself on websites dedicated to tiny homes. Even though our intention was not set out to build this type of home, the fact is that we are building a tiny home on wheels.

So what exactly makes a tiny home?

I’ve seen people saying that in order for a home to be considered “tiny” it must be under 1000 square feet, while others say it must be closer to the 400 square feet mark. Wikipedia states that it must be under 500 square feet. I guess keeping it a small as possible is what makes it a tiny home (duh). I have seen some people who were building these homes as small as 80 square feet. I haven’t been in this tiny house movement long enough to have a firm opinion on the size so I will leave it up to you to decide what size defines a tiny home. To me a tiny home is more than just the size. It has to do with the independence that it gives you.

Some motivations behind these homes.

The motivation behind this new revolution seems to be all over the map. Some people are building them for environmental reasons, while others are building them for financial reasons. As housing prices and property prices go up, this is becoming a viable option to keep housing costs down. And yet others seem to be doing it just because it looks cool and I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons why you would want to build this type of home. We will definitely keep our eyes open for other examples and bring them to you as time goes on.

Our Motivation

  • Even though we are not the traditional environmentalists, it’s something we take into consideration. One of the goals of this build is to have the ability to be off the grid, and to try to be as fully self-sustained as possible.
  • We also are enthusiastic about keeping our costs down while being able to build a home. Having the ability to build our home at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home has been a big motivator for us.
  • To say that the look of our home is not important is not be entirely true. Making it look and feel like our own, while keeping it on the budget is important. Even though we are not entering this home in a beauty contest we will be definitely be adding many design elements.
  • For us, we hope that this home that were building will also give us the liberty to do so much more for our family. I know this is going to sound like a cliché, since were using a school bus as our home, but we hope to use it as a mobile school for our kids. We know we’ll be able to teach them and show them things that only would be possible in this situation. The freedom to teach our children things that would normally not be taught is one of the most motivating things behind this decision.
  • We are also a big DIY family. We try to make or fix anything we can before purchasing something from the store. Knowing that you were able to fix or make something from scratch is one of the best feelings you will ever have. Building this home from the ground up will end up being our family’s greatest DIY achievements.
  • These reasons are just scratching the surface. Let’s just say we only live once and doing things the way everyone else does it just isn’t appealing to us anymore. As time goes on, we will go into all of these additional reasons.

Is this type of home for you?

Tiny house Portland
If you’re reading this, you must have some type of interest in doing things just slightly different than everyone else. Just thinking about building or living in a tiny home puts you in a different category than the rest of society. Whatever your motivation is behind this feeling, it shouldn’t be ignored. Living in a house the size of some bedrooms might sound crazy to some people, but the freedom that this type of home can give is unmeasurable.

What Freedom Can We Achieve?

  • The continuous rat race and housing costs can be one of the biggest portions of living expenses. If you were able to eliminate or reduce this cost the freedom that you would achieve from this alone would be life-changing.
  • Knowing that a home can be built exactly the way you wish it to be without accumulating huge debts can give you the liberty to express yourself in your home in ways that would normally not be possible.
  • If you build your home on wheels, the ability to move around would give you an extra level of independence. Knowing that you can move and take your home with you could give you countless opportunities to explore things that would never be possible under normal circumstances.
  • I feel by far one of the most important freedoms that you would achieve is the feeling of control of your own destiny. Knowing that you are doing something to reach a level of happiness that you wish to have can’t be measured. I think most of life’s pressures comes from the feeling that we are not in control of our fate. That things like our jobs, our bills, and the people around us have more power over us than we will ever have. This can be one of the ways to start taking command of your life.

I know there is so much more to this that there’s no way I can put it in just one blog post. These are just some of the reasons for building this type of home and what it means to us

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