Video #3- Interior Roof Removal Bus Conversion

So we finished up the interior removal of the metal sheets of the roof in preparation for raising the roof.  The bus is now fully gutted and we are ready to get raising! This is very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time because we obviously want to make sure that everything goes as planned.  We have the steel ordered and delivered and hope to start raising the roof next week.  So of course, be sure to check back in for that video (that one should be very interesting).

The removal of the interior roof went very smoothly.  Using an air drill made for very easy removal of the bolts, however, some were rusted on there, so the grinder helped to get those tough ones out.  With everything removed, we were able to get rid of the insulation that was in the roof (I honestly never knew buses had any type of insulation. having been a bus rider in my days, i always remember them being so uncomfortable when it was hot or cold outside).  Some other great news that will save us a bunch of money is that we can re-use the metal roof panels from the inside as the new metal siding for when the roof is raised.

Anyways, things are going much better over here, however, when everything was on the up and up, my little baby boy (well not so much of a baby anymore with him turning 2 in March) broke his tibia while kicking his beloved ball around inside the house.  It has been a rough week dealing with that while he was in so much pain, not sleeping at night, and learning how to deal with this full leg cast.  But, I am happy to report that he is no longer hurting, sleeping through the night, and scooting around on his bum everywhere.  And I should also say that he chose blue for his cast…he sure is a cute cast wearer!

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