Christmas List Maker

christmas list maker

Today we are offering you a free Christmas list maker! Now that the holiday season is upon us, our children will soon be asking to make their Dear Santa letters wishing that their lists will be fulfilled.  While a simple letter would do, printing out this cute Christmas list maker would add a special touch to a very special and need I say important letter.

With its big hand drawn green bow atop a hand drawn piece of paper, written simply as “Dear Santa”, sure makes for a perfect Santa letter.

christmas list maker

The image measure as 8″x10″ which will fit perfectly on your standard printer paper to make for easy printing.  You can either cut it to measure 8″x10″ or you can cut out the letter entirely for a different look.

christmas list maker

Simply download the file here, christmas list maker , print onto you desired paper (our is printed on #80 white card stock, but regular computer paper would be fine), and cut.  Then the letter is ready to be filled with wishes! Enjoy!

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