Noodle Necklaces- Easy Painting for Kids

Well its summer over here in these parts and I have been racking my brain as to what to do with these kids all day.


I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep myself sane and keep the girls from fighting and driving each other crazy all day, I have to actually keep them busy (what a concept).  So, since these girls are obsessed with painting, I thought that they may like to paint noodle necklaces! I remember doing these as a kid so it was very nostalgic for me.  It was a very simple project that required very little attention from me and is easy painting for kids. They were able to paint as they pleased and they did not need my help, and hey, every little girl loves craft necklaces! So, armed with noodles of course, and washable craft paint, I set them up on the kitchen table.

For about 20 minutes these girls were quiet, having fun, and not fighting! Anything that brings that into this house is a huge success! Once they were finished painting, the noodles had to dry which took waiting overnight. In the morning they strung their noodles on yarn and proudly wore them the rest of the day (Lilly did anyway).  Now that I am looking through my pictures, I see that I never took any of the girls wearing their necklaces! Duh!


Anyways, this was an overall easy and good experience, however, the noodles did begin to crack and break pretty fast, so maybe next time we will use something shorter and stronger.

The next craft on the list will be paper mache! This is another nostalgic craft that I did when I was a kid and since it brings on more painting, Im sure my girls will love it too.


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