Sewing for Toddlers- Hunter got a new pair of pants!


sewing for toddlers Over the past week I have been sewing quite a bit, with my listing consisting of three pairs of pants and a button up shirt for Hunter, two skirts and two shorts for the girls, and a skirt for me! The button up shirt and the skirt for myself were probably my greatest accomplishments this week in sewing because I actually successfully figured out how to make button holes, and how to put a zipper into a piece of clothing. Sewing for toddlers is so easy in that the patterns usually just use elastic around the waists or necks, giving a lot room for error. With zippers and button holes, it has to be pretty precise. It has scared me for years, and while I tried to make button holes before I always failed. But alas, success has found me!

sewing for toddlers
Sewing for toddlers is also a lot of fun because the patterns don’t take up so much fabric, giving you a lot left over to use for other projects. Also, there are so many sewing patterns for kids and sewing patterns for beginners out there on the web that you really don’t ever have to buy a sewing book if you didn’t want too. I however bought Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book a few years ago and have made many things out of it. It’s a pretty good book for beginners offering many patterns for accessories and clothing. However, when I tried out the button up shirt (Kai’s Shirt pattern) and the pants (Huck Finn’s pants) I came across some problems. The shirt for 12 months was huge, and actually fit my almost six year daughter perfectly, and the collar did not match up with the neckline, leaving me no choice but to fold it, making it all wonky like. With the Huck Finn pants, the pattern marked the front as the back, which if you are not aware of the differences between a front and back pattern for shorts or pants, you would probably end up with a weird finished product. But all in all, it’s a pretty decent book, and lets not mention how fabulous Heather Ross’ fabrics are!

sewing patterns for kids
To close things down, we are off to Colorful Colorado this Friday and will be gone for 10 days! We so need this vacation, however, the kids have been driving me nuts, so maybe being cooked up with them all day every day, especially on a plane, might not be the answer….oh well.

p.s.- in case you were wondering, the fabric is Rashida Coleman Hale Tsuru Fabric for Cloud 9 fabrics. The whole line is awesome!

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