Sewing for Toddlers- Hunter got a new pair of pants!

Sewing for ToddlersThis week I have been doing quite a lot of sewing. I have sewn myself a new skirt, which includes a zipper and everything! This is the first time I’ve attempted to put a zipper into a piece of clothing. I have used zippers to make makeup and toiletry bags before, but never clothing.  I have always been really intimidated by zippers for some reason. But of course like with many things in life, once you try it you quickly realize that it isnt that scary and actually quite easy.

Some other things that were on the list was two skirts and two shorts for the girls, three pairs of shorts for Hunter and a button up shirt.  I also sewed a cute little skirt for my niece Vivienne.  Sewing for toddlers and mostly all childrens sewing patterns are quite easy and great for newbies.  If you search online, you can find tons of sewing patterns for beginners. The button up shirt and Huck Finn pants I sewed for Hunter were from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book. I have sewn many things from here and its honestly a pretty great book for beginner sewers.  However, having recently made Kai’s Shirt and the Huck Finn Pants from the book, I have noticed some problems with the patterns that a beginner wouldn’t notice.  But all in all, its a great book.

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