Cute Headbands Tutorial

cute headbands

Hi everyone! Today I am giving a little tutorial on how to make cute headbands out of yarn and felt.  I chose a hippie style headband with felt feathers.  These cute headbands are really easy to make and only take 15 minutes each! These headbands are so versatile too by making them with fabric strips instead of yarn, or fabric feathers instead of felt.  What I love about felt however is that you don’t have to worry about the edges fraying up, and they keep their shape pretty well.  You can also change up the feathers and cut any shape that you would like.  These cute headbands are also great for kids. This tutorial is so easy that you can even get the children involved!

Felt and Yarn Cute Headbands

Supplies Needed

felt in any color choice

yarn in any color choice

sewing needle and thread

1 inch piece of 1/4 inch wide elastic

fast grab tacky glue

  •  Take your felt pieces and either draw or free hand cut a feather pattern out of your felt. You can make your feathers any size you want.  Mine ranged from 4 inches long, to 2 1/2 inches long.  Once your basic shape is cut out, proceed to make random slits into your feather to give it a real feeling.

cute headbands

  •  Measure around your head and double that measurement for your main piece of braided yarn. Tie a knot to hold all three yarn pieces together to make a braid. I found the easiest way is to safety pin the yarn to my pants and then braid from there.

cute headbands

  •  Once you have a braid long enough to fit around your head, cut off the knot that was made in step 1 and proceed to hand stitch the yarn to either side of the elastic, making sure to do many stitches to ensure its sewn on securely.  Once you have both ends sewn on, try the headband on once more to check for the fit.

cute headbands

  • Following step 1, cut some more yarn to make the hanging braided piece, tie the knot, pin to pants, and braid.  Once completely braided, fold in half and tie onto the side of the headband (or where ever you want it to fall).

cute headbands

  •  Next, cut off that second knot you made in step 3, and proceed to gluing your felt feathers onto your dangling braided yarn pieces. And done!

cute headbands

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