Colorful Colorado-Best Vacations for Kids

Well we are still over here in Durango, Colorado visiting my mom, sister, and cute little niece Vivienne.  We’ve been having so much fun out here and are not looking forward to going back home! Durango is probably one of the best vacations for kids because it has so much to offer families.  Everyone is so nice and accommodating here, and lets not mention all the activities there is to do. We have gone hiking, swam and splashed in the river, gone to the rec center to play in their very cool splash pad and heated pool, rock climbing, and of course there was plenty of playground  time.

There are so many kid friendly vacations to choose from, but coming to Durango has to be my top choice, and lets not forget that getting to see my mom and sister really bump it up on my list.


^^Lilly rock climbing^^


^^Hunter hitching a ride on Dada’s back^^


^^Hailey taking a dip in the river brrr….^^

best vacations for kids

^^Hunter with his trusty stick and rock ^^


^^ pure sweetness, cousin love^^

kid friendly vacations

^^splash pad fun^^

Now besides the listed above activities, there are so many more things to do for families. There is an old coal burning train that takes you from Durango to Silverton, floating down the river is a great time, ziplining, mountain biking for older kids, walking around downtown and shopping in all the cute local shops, and of course all the awesome restaurants that Durango has! This town is truly a blessing for our family. It is our best vacations for kids!

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