The Everglades

Not much has been happening over here as of late.  We have been able to enjoy some nice weekends though.  A lot of the time it always seems that all we do is sit around in the house and never really have the energy to get out and do stuff.  But we have seemed to break that bad habit.  We’ve gone to the beach, the movies, out to dinner as a whole family, and this past weekend we went to The Everglades National Park.  I must mention that we literally live right down the street from the Everglades, and in reality, that’s kinda cool, and we have been many many times.  Every other time we went we always just drove around and stopped at the visitor center but never really did the hikes and walks.  Well this weekend we decided to do some hikes and have a picnic lunch in the park. I am so glad we did this because not only was the weather perfect, there were no mosquitoes (yahoo!), and we got to see alligators.  We did some kid friendly hikes, saw lots of wildlife and cool plants.  We found the perfect spot for our picnic and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  And a bonus to the trip was that we actually lived close and got back in time for nap time! Living in Homestead, we always seem to have to drive atleast 30-45 to get to anything that Miami has to offer.  While Homestead has fruit stands, farms, the everglades, and strawberry picking, you can only do that so many times before you search for something else.  But either way, I sure am grateful for what we do have down here!

everglades national park homestead entranceWe had a good time, but this picture was taken before lunch when they literally wouldnt stop complaining about how hungry they were. It wasnt even 11:30am!

alligator everglades national parkWe saw many of these that day. Some were swimming right under our feet from the dock. They are really cool animals

girlsObviously not from the everglades, but I couldnt help it but share this. Hailey tucks her shirts and sweaters into everything. Lilly followed suit. They think they are so stylish, let me tell you

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