Feeling Grateful

feeling grateful

This past week has had me feeling really grateful for my life. I always am grateful and never forget the struggles that I have had in my life in the past. Where I am today is where I am suppose to be.  It’s very easy to assume that the grass is always greener, but I know it’s not.

Sure I wish we didn’t have financial trouble, and yeah, sure, I wish we could live out our dreams without having to save and struggle along the way. But when those good things do come, it makes it all that sweeter because of the struggles. Life isn’t easy, and it can get very messy very quickly. Bad things happen to good people, and when this happens it really makes it even more apparent as to how lucky we are.

Even though my children are loud and the house is always chaotic, I am so grateful and happy that I have the ability to parent my children. I have the ability to break of the fights, hug them, kiss them, put them to bed, make them their meals, take them out for ice cream, teach them school. I can go on and on. In day to day life it’s easy to get lost in the stress of it, but all around the world there are parents without their children. It’s a devastating fact and thankfully not my reality. But when it hits close to home, you just want to hug your children tighter and soak them up even more.

Having a great husband and father for my children is another piece of the puzzle that I am so grateful for. Without Luis none of this would be possible. He is so wonderful and present. There is literally no where else he’d rather be. He is supportive, loving, patient, kind, truthful, and deep down good. His whole family is deep down good. Deep down good meaning no matter the situation, their first response is always selfless and supportive. I married well, which isn’t always the case for many people. Many people close to us, so it hits home extra hard.

This post isn’t to brag about myself, I guess it’s just to express where I am mentally right now. Close circumstances has us feeling stressed and anxious, but also feeling very grateful and appreciative of our lives and of each other.

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