Getting Ready for Our New Homeschool Year

homeschool curriculumWith only two weeks left of summer I have been feeling the pressure to get everything ready and in order for the upcoming school year. Since my last homeschool post some things have changed a bit. I know that I had talked quite a bit about wanting to take on a relaxed homeschool curriculum point of view with many aspects of unschooling.

Last time I tried to attempt homeschooling I felt that I was too uptight and expecting way too much from the whole experience. This time I am desperately trying not to do that. However, when you look at all the cool arts and crafts and curriculum out there, it’s hard not to get excited and start dreaming of the possibilities. This is when I get into some trouble when it actually comes down to it. So I had initially intended to buy a math workbook and just use that as a reference tool while using other hands-on methods for teaching. While this may seem like the most relaxed, I really hate workbooks and so does Hailey. I really feel that workbook pages were made for classrooms to easily teach a large group of kids all at once. It only covers the topic for half a page and then moves on to something else. It would only leave me feeling lost as to how to elaborate more. I am not a teacher and while I am creative, I do get overwhelmed easily. So I feel that it would have ended in me wanting to give up. Even though I was feeling this way, I still bought a math workbook. I really had no other option in my mind until I came across the Waldorf method. Because of Hailey’s learning difficulties, I knew that I would constantly have to be coming up with alternative ways of teaching her. This also overwhelmed me, but I still have the motivation to find the alternative. When I researched the Waldorf method and read that they take a slower approach to teaching academics, use main lesson books that incorporate drawing and painting even in math and language arts studies, I knew this was something that we should try out. Hailey loves art, so if she could draw math concepts while learning them it may help her understand and retain the information more. Because Waldorf doesn’t seem to ever cram any info down any child’s throat was a great comfort to me. So I bought the Christopherus math, language arts, and movement homeschool curriculum books. I haven’t received them in the mail yet, but I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Over the last few days I have done a lot of research on the Waldorf method, and I honestly don’t think we will be following the method to a T. It seems a little far out there with some of their activities and methods, but the overall theory and approach to learning is something that I do feel would work for us. Now this could be another one of those things that I am getting way too excited over and in the end could not work out, but that is why I didn’t buy the whole curriculum. I have not put all my eggs in one basket, and I do know that if anything, it would teach us something on how to think of learning from a different aspect. While I find the traditional school only works for that select few children that fit within that average range that they set for every single student to keep up with, I still have a hard time shaking that idea of what school “should” look like. I grew up going to public school and have learned through that traditional school way, so it’s hard, like most of us out there, to assume and truly believe that we can learn and teach our children in such different ways. I know it will take actually experience to break that mentality.

With that said, Luis and I have already set up a schedule for our school weeks. Nothing academic has been set, but the bigger things like extra-curricular classes have been. If everything lines up, Monday morning will be Hailey’s art class, Tuesday morning will be the girl’s P.E. class that the YMCA offers to homeschoolers, and Tuesday evening will be Lilly’s ballet class. With that set, we have also decided that I will have two afternoons a week where I can go and do my work stuff alone while Luis stays home with the kids and will do his homeschool subjects with them. He will take on science mainly as well as touch on other subjects like physics and possibility history. I am very happy about this schedule thing because it really helps me feel like I have some control over the situation. While we are not sure if the girls will get to do all of these extras, we do have something that is written down and laid out in front of us. With my free time, I will get to do my tutorial projects for Bright Bold and Beautiful, and work on my Amazon business.

I am excited for school to start, still weary of it, but excited. When school begins, I will have more to update you guys on!

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