Happy New Year!


I know everyone is writing up their New Year’s posts and talking about their goals for the next year and what they have learned this past year.  I never really put to much thought into new years or ever set any resolutions. I feel that they are a waste of time and nothing with a start date really is ever successful.  So in this post I just want to touch on this past year, what I’ve learned, and what I want to continue to work on and hopefully achieve.


This past year I have learned that I am a highly sensitive person which can really be an unfortunate thing when you are a parent of three crazy kids that are super loud. But knowing this has also allowed me to see my faults in a different light. Instead of being hard on myself and not really seeing a way to change, I have been able to kind of predict situations that may be hard for me, prepare myself, and react a little better than before.  I also have been able to figure out what I need and certain triggers I have.  Chaos first thing in the morning is not something that I react well too, and it sets the tone for the day. So in order to try and ease into the day, I wake up before the kids so that I have some quiet time for myself.  So when its time to get up, I am already ready for whats ahead. I also am able to realize more when I need a break during the day. I tell the girls to play separately and in just doing that, I am able to get some peace and quiet.


In the beginning of 2014 I went through some anxiety issues and while it was scary for me and hard to get through, I do see it now as a positive thing.  I still have fear of it returning, but it did help me to look at myself more, figure out how to deal with the day to day stresses of the kids and everything else, and to try and relax and let go of some control.

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This year we also faced a huge change in our lives with the start of homeschooling the girls. The girls have officially been home every day since June with no real breaks that a regular school could give a stay at home parent.  It may seem weird to some of you that I have these thoughts, but before when the girls were in school, every time they were home on winter, spring, or summer break, I use to dread it.  I felt like I couldn’t even handle them being home for a few weeks at a time, but now I am so used to them being home all the time, its not even an issue.  Before we started homeschool, that was one of the main things I was most nervous about.  I was worried that I would feel so overwhelmed with never having a break, but in reality I just adjusted to our new life and I still get my breaks, just not as much as before.


Homeschooling in and of itself has also gone really well. I am sort of dreading the return to schooling come January 12th, but I know we will get through it and get back into the groove.  I am already trying to come up with fun things to get my teaching juices flowing again.  But overall, the girls have done amazing and we have gotten a lot done.  This time of the year last time I tried homeschooling Hailey, I was enrolling her back in regular school, feeling really defeated and sad. So this is a major step up and I couldn’t be happier about it.

So while this past year has been filled with happy days, really bad days, and in between days, I know it’s all meant to be.


This coming year we will continue our homeschooling journey and hopefully finishing our first year super successful.  We also still have the deadline of this summer to have the bus completed.  I really don’t know if it will be done by the summer, but I hope so, I really, really, hope so.  I also want to continue on the path of discovering more about myself, being able to deal with stress even better, and work on not letting things overwhelm me so much if it doesn’t go my way.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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