It’s been quiet over here…

kids home school

Sorry its been so quiet over here lately. I have no real reason except that life has been busy and I have been feeling like I have nothing to say. Everything is still moving along with some new happening.

  • home school is still going, going, going. I am starting to get bored with it and really feeling like our school days are lacking some substance i.e. crafts, projects, and other learning other than math, writing, reading, and grammar. I plan on beefing it up more over the weeks. We are starting a Japan study with lots of fun things planned
  • over a month ago I did the Whole30 challenge. Its all over the web now, but if you havent heard of it here is a great resource to learn all about it. For 30 days I cut out dairy, soy, all sugar including honey and maple syrup, all grains, peanuts, and beans. I certainly feel much better now that I did that and am completely aware of what I am eating, how much we all eat sugar (a lot of the time without even realizing it), and I plan on continuing this eating habit with a bit more wiggle room.
  • my little brother Evan graduated and is now a United States Marine. I went up to Savannah, GA two weeks ago to attend his graduation and it was lovely and I am so, so, proud of him. He needed this, and to see complete strangers praise him and thank him does wonders for his self esteem.
  • we were trying to plan a summer trip out to Colorado to visit my mom and sister, but decided that we must stay home and be responsible (blah). Our goal is to pay off all of our debt hopefully within the next year. we implemented a spending freeze which will hopefully aid us achieving this goal.
  • Spending freeze,  you ask? Yes, a spending freeze. We aren’t buying anything like clothing, shoes, etc. unless they are all broken (which I’m sure won’t be happening). Last month I just purchased all the kids some new shorts and shirts for summer so they are set. As adults we really don’t need anything so I think we can stick to it. We set a budget of eating out to 3 times a month, movies maybe 2 times a month, and thats it. We wont be buying anything unless it breaks and is necessary to replace i.e. the vacuum cleaner, Hunters only pair of sneakers, the t.v.? maybe not the t.v.
  • With summer quickly approaching (not quickly enough though) I am starting to think of things that we can do while sticking close to home. There are always tons of free summer things like museums and movies, but I always tend to shy away from them. We all know that if something is free, the crowds will be crazy and then it becomes too stressful for me. We may try the free movies once and awhile, but no free children’s museums for us this summer. We plan on setting a summer budget so we can do stuff but within reason. I plan on continuing some summer learning, nothing formal, mainly science project stuff that is just fun for them. We all need a break, so I’ll give them that. I do want to continue reading with them obviously. I see lots of sprinkler playing and popsicle eating too.
  • I can’t wait for all the girl’s activities to finish. Running around in the evening, specifically around dinner time, is just too hectic. There is so much traffic where we live, its such a headache. And hey, saving the money will be nice too. Next year I will only allow them to choose one thing to do, and this something must be closer to home and cheaper…hah!
  • I started sewing again and it feels so nice! I came across this jumper that I loved for the girls, but at $100 a pop I had to pass. However, I knew I could make one and so I did! I used fabric that I already had and some other supplies and boom, free jumpers! The pattern didn’t work perfectly, so I needed to adjust it a bit, but in the end they have summer jumpers that look so cute on them. Hailey’s birthday is in a few weeks, so I want to make her a new nightgown.
  • MY birthday is in two weeks and I am turning 30. I’m not sure how I feel. When I think of the fact that Luis and I met when I was 19 and he was 28, and now this year I turn 30 and he turns 40, its a little mind blowing. Meeting him as a teenager, now I am in my 30’s? What?!

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