Life changing family projects

Life changing family projects

This new chapter in our life, even though exciting is sometimes exhausting. I’ve been waking up consistently at about 5 a.m. in the morning and not stopping until about 12 p.m. at night. Even though I put in 19 hour days it doesn’t feel like that’s enough. We definitely have a lot on our plate. Let me explain, we have the bus RV conversion which is a huge project and in addition to that we have a couple of online businesses we are trying to run or start. I also work as an independent IT contractor and any auto body side jobs that come along our way to help us make this transition. . Katie is also in the middle of preparing to homeschool our kids which is probably the biggest and most important step that we are taking. We are trying to juggle all of these while making sure that we spend time together and do things as a family.

Taking on any one of these life-changing events would be huge on their own let alone trying to accomplish these things altogether at once. But for us it’s important and a must do that all of these things are working at same time. Every one of these steps depend on each other and are essential in our ultimate goal which why they need to be done at the same time. Every one of these things need to be set up and ready to go by next summer. If we are not ready by next summer it makes it very difficult or impossible to get on the road. Even though sometimes I feel that we are not moving fast enough, when I step back and look at the big picture I can see things moving along fairly quickly.

Where are we with these projects?

home school books

Let me start off by saying that Katie has been preparing for the most important step in my eyes, which is homeschooling. Right now she’s in the middle of doing the research and purchasing all of the things that we need in preparation for next year. I am really excited and impressed knowing that she is going to be taking charge of our children’s education. Of course I will try to help her in any way possible but she is definitely leading the way. Without her this piece of the puzzle would not be possible because there is no way that I would be able to do that. Even though you never feel that you’re ready especially with a big thing like homeschooling, it seems that she’s on track and gaining speed to be prepared for the next school year.

Now onto the bus!

front school bus conversions

I’ve been working on the school bus on average four days out of the week and I definitely feel that we have been making great progress. I am used to working on huge projects like this on my own but sometimes its daunting just thinking about how much work I have to do. To help alleviate these feelings that I get, I like to break up the bus project into small tasks and only focusing on those single tasks at one time. What this does for me is it gives me the ability to have small wins along the way. For instance, when I removed the floor in the bus, I only tried to think of that task when I’m working on it and put no thought to the rest of the project that way when the floor is removed it gives me a sense of completion. If I don’t do this on such a large project it would be easy for me to get lost in the amount of work left to complete. Now I know this might seem obvious but when you’re working by yourself with no one else around you it is easy to get lost in your head. Also, I know how important this school bus RV conversion is to the way of life we have chosen. Thank God I am a glass half full guy and I always look for things in any endeavor I do to inspire me and to keep me motivated.

Last but not least all of our different business ventures!

online business ventures

Let me start off by saying that a large percentage of my money still comes from jobs that I do local to my area. Most of the local work is either computer or auto body related. The auto body work that I do is not much over the past eight years or so as I’ve been trying to move away from that altogether but in order to make extra money, I still do take on side jobs. I’m also an independent computer contractor and I work on anything from virtual infrastructure to on-site network administration. Recently we have been trying to move most of our business to online only with some success. Moving the computer related work to online only is very important since we will be on the road starting next summer. In addition to the computer work, we have our website which has been lackluster and hasn’t really made any significant amount of money. We also recently started to sell merchandise on Amazon in addition to to eBay and Etsy. The thing for now that seems to have the most promise is the Amazon selling. Let me start off by saying that Katie has taken the lead and without her it would be impossible for me to be able to do Amazon sales. None of these online businesses are anywhere near they need to be though. We need these online businesses to work in order for us to be able to go on the road. Out of all of the things that we’re doing in preparation for us to leave this is probably the area I beat myself up the most about. I never feel that I am doing enough and it’s a continual struggle trying to find time to dedicate to these online businesses. That’s why am so thankful that Katie is taking the lead with the Amazon sales. As time goes on I will definitely be going in a little deeper into each of these online ventures. So I can keep you updated and be able to share with you anything that I have learned from this process.

Last thoughts for now

In closing, I know that what we’re doing here is huge and life-changing but if I focus on the size of any of these tasks or all of them together at once, it can easily overwhelm me. So like I said earlier I try to break them up into bite size pieces so we can have small victories along the way. I will continue to tell myself over and over again that this will be all worth it at the end. I am treating all of these things as a life-and-death situation that must be done and that there is no choice but to make this work. This is the life we want to live and it will work.

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