Life’s Little Changes


Do you ever take a look at your life and while feeling grateful and happy for it, you still crave something different and new? Well that is exactly what seems to be happening over here as of late.  We have found ourselves wanting more and feeling really ready to take that next step. Both of us were born and raised here in Florida and both of us have grown to hate living here.  While Miami is full of culture and things to do, we are also constantly reminded of how it has changed so much to become almost unrecognizable.  What was once a haven to those searching for freedoms and “space”, has become this hub of a city where I can’t even get around using my own language.  When looking at the bigger picture, in the end we want to live in a place where as much of our personal freedoms are granted to us as well as a place that will allow us to follow our dreams.  What is that dream that we speak of? Well in a nut shell we want to own several acres of land, build our own home, have a large and successful garden, get some chickens and possibly even a goat, and homeschool our children.  A life of modesty is what we desire and are no longer pulled towards the typical American dream that we are so engrained into believing that we “need”.

Having four children in the house I use to think that we “needed” a four bedroom home, two cards, and two full time jobs.  I no longer believe this and it has been the most freeing revelation ever.  I recently graduated from school with a bachelors degree in criminal justice.  This huge accomplishment was a goal for myself and my family as well as a huge stepping stone into gaining the ability to have a career and move out of here.  This goal has quickly changed however and my career has changed into just a great thing to have on the back burner just in case.  I am happy with this and while I still hope to have the opportunity to use my education in the future, I hope that it will never have to be out of necessity.

The first step in being able to achieve these new goals of ours is to crazily enough purchase a school bus and renovate it into an RV.  The RV will become our home as we travel around the US to not only experience life changing adventures, but to find a new place to call home.  While space might be tight, I am really looking forward to editing our possessions and really taking a look at what we need versus what we want.  Do I really need a whole entire dresser dedicated to craft supplies? Probably not.

So with this announcement out there, I hope that you will follow along with us as I will be updating everyone every step of the way.  We are currently searching for a bus to purchase. So, once this has happened I will report! Another thing to note is that this blog and our shop is a key element in our dream being able to come true.  I hope that with this little blog and with our shop sales we will be able to accomplish this. Thanks for your support!

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