Little Happenings

The weather has truly been amazing over the past few days. Picturesque as some may say. 60 to 65 degree weather, maybe reaching 70 degrees with pure blue skies.  One may think that these days can only bring on happiness and sunshine (pun intended) but not for me so much.   I have really been enjoying the long walks outside and actually not sweating for once, but man oh man can being a mother to three kids be hard sometimes.  Lilly has been home sick since Tuesday with pneumonia, and with the long teacher planning/holiday weekend here, I am on kiddie overload.  I struggle a lot when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated with them because it makes me think how on earth will I ever be able to live 24/7 in a bus with them? Homeschooling them instead of having Monday roll around and they all go back to school until 3:30 every day.  This will probably be the biggest adjustment of all, and in reality, do you ever adjust to it?  Is there such a thing as getting used to the screaming and fighting that goes on between the two girls, on top of the screaming that their mom does because they are screaming so much? ha!

Where Is The Balance in Life

There needs to be some sort of balance I just know it.  Right? Or am I just in pure denial of the fact that living on a bus all the time with them will just drive be bonkers? I wish so dearly that this wasnt the truth and that I can just let the small things go.  I feel as if I am a type A personality, and I really don’t want to be.  Yes, being organized and prompt are good qualities of a type A, but getting anxious and out of control being your children’s room is a disaster area is not such a good quality.  My sister always tells me “who cares if their room is a mess, just close the door and go about your own business.”  I wish it were that easy.  Every time I have to go into their room to tell them something, this said mess is screaming at me and then I feel my blood begin to boil.  Am I alone in this?

Anyways, enough of the ranting.  I have some bread in my bread maker baking away and now that its almost done I just realized that I used the whole wheat flour that I had in my pantry that we all despise and now Im thinking that my bread will taste disgusting….ahhh the trials and tribulations of life…or bread making.

Till next time!

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