Little Happenings

Hey everyone! Well, this picture says it all huh? We had a little accident last week but as you can see, Hunter is feeling better and getting around really well.  We went to the doctors yesterday for more x-rays and he is healing really well.  3 more weeks and then its off!  Hopefully it will go by fast because I feel so bad for him.  He cant go outside because he will just be scooting all over the dirty floor, however, I’ve made sure to take him for long walks in his wagon so he can get out.  I also let him hold a stick from the wagon to make him feel a little like normal.  This kid and sticks go hand in hand.  He loves to run around and hit everything with them.  Its pretty crazy how different girls and boys are and we dont even teach them these things, they just instinctively pick them up.

The bus conversion is still on

The whole bus conversion is still happening even though I personally feel like everything has sort of been on hold.  Hopefully next week Luis will be able to start the roof raise, even though it was planned for this week.  Its really hard to put your life on hold with three kids to go work on that thing.  This weekend proves to be a fun filled one. I signed up for a 5k at the Miami Zoo, so that will be fun.  But let me set the record straight on this, I dont even run, so it will  be more of a walk, haha.  I also plan on taking Hailey to the beach on Sunday.  Just her and I.  I took Lilly last weekend and it was so great.  I was really able to stay in the moment and enjoy her company.  The girls fight so much that I really can start to dread doing anything with them.  So hopefully with this new plan in motion (taking them out one on one more often), I will begin to look forward to our outings.  Have a good week! And I hope to check back in here again later this week.

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