Little Happenings

Above are some recent little happenings around the house.  With Christmas fast approaching we have been able to finally find the time to buy and decorate our Christmas tree! We opted to get a tabletop tree again like last year because well, that little son of mine is quite mischievous.  And I should note that even with a tabletop tree in place he still manages to grab at it and rip the ornaments off.  Luckily we only have metal or plastic ones.  He seems to like to rip them off, run and hide in the hallway with it, and then come around the corning waving it in the air daring someone to come and get it. Its really funny and while I tell him not to touch the tree, I can’t help it but laugh at his little tricks.  We are all excited for Christmas next week as well as the fact that I am officially done with the shopping.  Toys, toys, and more toys for the kids, money for the big kids, and some homemade goodies too.  I just designed some custom note cards for my step-mother and since I love the simplicity and quality of the results, I plan on offering them in our shop too.  So check back soon for it’s new listing.

We also have a cool announcement expecting to show up in this spot tomorrow, so be sure to check back in with us.  Other than holiday planning, we still have to keep up with 1st grade homework (why do they have so much!!??) and the day to day antics of raising three kids.  Man it can be exhausting.  Hopefully within the year we will get to accomplish our goal of simplifying life and heading out on the road.  But for now, our lives are filled with unmade beds, elf moving, homework fights, dinner rushes, laughs and cries, and sibling arguments.  Much more to come…..i’m sure of it.

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