My Dream Home- Pictures of the Future

Now this may be far fetched, but one day I hope to have a modern farmhouse just like this one.  I have bookmarked this house tour via Apartment Therapy for well over 2 years now in hopes to one day be able to make this dream come true.  Don’t you just love looking at pictures of houses, becoming envious, and then dream of the day that you too can build your own home? Yeah, me too. I am guilty of doing so more often than not.

pictures of houses

^^I just love the farmhouse look with clean and modern lines^^

pictures of houses

^^ this porch is so beautiful, not to mention the view^^

pictures of houses

^^ the modern and simple decor in this house makes it feel attainable^^

pictures of houses

^^ I mean, come this bathroom not the best?!^^

Okay, so after looking at these pictures, once again I am jealous and needing this to happen in the next 2 years.  What? A little unrealistic? Nah! 😉

As the family grows, I have really been falling in love with the whole farmhouse house style. It screams family friendly, outdoor friendly, and just allows you to be happy.

One day, yes, one day

(pictures via:Apartment Therapy)

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