Our Diet Change, How Are Kids Handled It, and Some Other Ideas

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I wasn’t sure what to name this post because this topic really encompasses so many different things. So with that said, Im just going to dive in.

I have always enjoyed eating healthy foods and have always been somewhat knowledgeable in how to eat healthy. One may just assume that eating fruits and veggies everyday constitutes eating healthy. But what I have come to find over time is that it’s not that simple. There are so many different diets out there that you can follow and the information can be really overwhelming. So many things that we have been told over the years aren’t really the truth. Low calorie snack packs, fat free foods, sugar free foods, the list can go on and on. We have been told that low calorie and low fat are the best ways to get healthy and to lose weight. However, after reading books, and doing research on many of these topics, Luis and I have realized that its all a bunch of hooey. Good fats are great for your body and should be eaten everyday. Any sugar substitute except honey, pure maple syrup, and stevia are really bad for you. All of these fake foods that use weight loss as a ploy are filled with really harmful crap. While our mindset is not agreed upon by many, we are pretty confident in our choices.

So in this post I want to talk about what we have taken out of diet, what we replaced things with, and how we have managed to keep things going. I am going to break it down into meals to make it a bit easier to follow. We have eliminated all gluten, except for the occasional piece of toast that the kids will have with breakfast or with lunch. We do eat rice a few times a week, eliminated juice, milk from cows, beans, and all processed fake crap.

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Breakfast: Our breakfasts use to include cereals, waffles (as in Eggo Waffles), eggs, fruit, oatmeal, cheap maple syrup, bacon, pancakes, yogurt, juice, and coffee with cream and sugar. Now Luis and I usually dont eat breakfast as we do intermittent fasting. We do drink coffee, but now I drink it black, and Luis drinks it Bulletproof style with grass fed butter and coconut oil. However, I don’t fast everyday, so if I feel that I need something I will make an almond butter, banana, chia, maca powder, shake. I will post the recipe for this shake later in the week. Its really good and it almost tastes like an ice cream shake! The kids now will eat buckwheat and gluten free oatmeal with maca, beef gelatin, maple syrup, cinnamon, and fruit. Brown rice cakes with peanut butter, raw honey, and cinnamon. Eggs, Applewood bacon, avocado, grass fed cheeses, paleo muffins (when I make them), and if we have any seeded bread I will make them a piece of toast with fruit.

Lunch: If we have left overs for lunch, I will eat them. If not I usually make a concoction of avocado, eggs, and veggies. I have been really into portobello mushroom “pizza” with grass fed cheese, some tomato sauce, and veggies. Luis usually eats the same type of thing. The kids now eat Applewood ham, pepperoni, carrots with guacamole, cucumbers, boiled eggs, apples with almond butter, grass fed cheese, sometimes we’ll make them shrimp or give them leftover meats from dinner, and other fruits that we have on hand. If I made paleo tortillas, I give them deli meat and cheese wraps, or almond butter and fruit wraps. If we have bread, sometimes I will give them a half a sandwich.

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Dinner: Instead of pasta’s, we now eat some rice, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes. I also roast a lot of veggies, such as parsnips, carrots, kale chips. I make a lot of mashes with turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes. “Hashes” are a great way to make a one pan meal and get those veggies in. I like to make them with chicken, bell pepper, sweet potatoes, bacon, with an egg on top! I have always done a lot of roast chicken, but now our sides are mostly veggie based like sauteed green beans with garlic, and roasted parsnips. Roasted brussel sprouts are really good too! I make meatloaf without Worcestershire sauce, and other yucky ingredients. I add lots of veggies to the meatloaf as well, like chopped mushrooms, chopped up kale, bell pepper, onion, and garlic.

Snacks: I make raw cacao, maca, almond power balls. They are a lot like Larabars but I add lots of really great stuff to them. Everyone loves them. I will have to make a post and share the recipe here. Fruits are usually the go too for snacks, but we also have fruit leather, and Larabars. We really try to minimize the snacking because if the kids eat their meals, they really shouldn’t need a snack. But if they do get one, these are usually what they go for. Luis and I try not to snack either. But if I’m starving, I’ll grab a power ball or a handful of raisins.

We are still trying to get rid of some of our foods from before. So while it’s not perfect all the time (really, what is?), the way we eat, and more importantly, the way our kids are now eating, is leaps and bounds better than before. In order to be able to buy mostly organic and grass fed foods, we end up having to shop in many different stores in order to keep the costs down a bit. I buy a lot of organic produce from Walmart. Whatever I can’t find there, I head on over to Publix to buy the rest. There are some special products that we can’t find in these stores, so we go to Wholefoods to them. Some things we buy at Wholefoods are yogurt (we buy Nancy’s), Enjoy Life chocolate chips, marshmallows, pork, and beef. We also buy some produce that we can’t find in the other stores. Some other stores we shop at are BJ’s and Costco. These big box stores have a lot of organic meat and other food staples like almond butter and peanut butter, dates, strawberries and blueberries, the Applewood products are steal from BJ’s, no joke.

We also just made our first purchase at Thrive Market for the dry goods. They have great prices that beat all of these stores I just listed. We just finished stocking up on organic spices, chocolate chips, Larabars, marshmallows, fish sauce, and other pantry items. We definitely spend a lot more money now than we did in the past, but we never eat out any more, and we all feel so much better knowing that what we are putting in our bodies is the best of the best.

From when we started until now, my kids have been really accepting of this change, its been gradual, and they are more adventurous than before. I will be back with some of the recipes that I created over the past months. Many are based off of other recipes that I tweaked and added too along the way.


  1. Janet says

    Great post with really helpful information! Thank you so much to you and your family for sharing. Looking forward to some of those recipes.

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