Canning at Home

So I have taken up canning over here lately and have been enjoying it…I think.  I have done it before, making strawberry jam and canning it for party favors for my daughter’s birthday several years ago.  It was a success and fairly simple.  Now in present time, I was cleaning out our pantry, throwing away expired food, and with our pantry whittled down to an uncomfortable nothing, I decided to try my hand in making jam once again.  I also tackled pickled okra after receiving jar of it for Christmas last year. It was so freaking good that I knew that I wanted to make some of my own.

canning at home^^ okra getting ready to be pickled^^

Making jam is really simple, just boiling fruit, pectin, some water, and sugar together, then pouring them into sterilized jars.  Pickling is even easier in that you dont even need to cook the veggies, just boil the vinegar, salt, and sugar together till combined, then pour into sterilized jars.  I always use the website for all of the great jam and jelly recipes.  They have tons of awesome recipes, including a very easy to understand step by step guide to canning.  For the okra I used this recipe. It turned out awesome!


^^ prepping ingredients for the okra^^

canning at home^^ more prep^^

canning at home

^^ finished okra!^^

canning at home

^^ finished strawberry and blueberry jam!^^

While it took all afternoon, hahaha, it sure was nice to neatly stack all my homemade jam and pickled okra in my pantry.  It sure is satisfying to make homemade things!

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