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gwyneth-paltrow-its-all-good-cookbookI have always been a relatively healthy eater.  Thankfully my mother has instilled in me the importance of eating healthful and whole foods.  I grew up loving broccoli and any kind of vegetable out there.  So, with this good starting point, I have been able to grow into a health conscious adult.  But Luis on the other hand did not grow up eating veggies.  Their main vegetable was root veggies, but nothing really ever green.  With his Cuban heritage, you can’t really blame him for loving white rice and hating vegetables.  Throw in three little kids and you have a recipe for a struggle every meal of the day.  For the most part however the kids eat their healthy foods pretty well.  I still can’t get them to like broccoli or brussel sprouts however (but what kid actually likes them anyways?) but they do love their fruit! Luis and I have tried elimination diets in the past, cleanses, etc. that always ended in a major failure.  But this leads me to Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, “It’s All Good”.  It basis comes from The Clean Diet or 3 week detox that eliminates dairy, gluten, soy, and consists of only whole foods.  With myself and Lilly suffering from allergies, myself specifically suffering from many different digestion problems and skin problems, I really, so desperately want to try this whole heartedly.  On my own, I do pretty well, but when it comes to snacks and sweets, thats when I fail. See, the truth is is that I have a major, and I mean major sweet tooth.  Like I need chocolate or some kind of sweet dessert every single day. Okay, well I guess I dont need it, but I certainly crave it to the fullest extent.

So I turn back to this cookbook.  I have been wanting this book for some time and finally ordered it earlier this week.  I just received it yesterday and I have instantly fallen in love with it.  One main reason is that I have made 4 recipes from it already and my kids and husband have liked every single thing.  Super surprisingly they all loved the white bean and turnip puree (made to replace mashed potatoes) and the gluten, soy, dairy, and egg free waffles I made this morning.  Whats also really awesome about this cookbook is that it doesnt call for a crap load of ridiculously expensive and hard to find ingredients.  Yes you may need to go Whole Foods or your local health food store on occasion to find Veganaise or brown rice syrup, but other than that, I can find everything at my local grocery store.  I can’t tell you how many cookbooks and baking books I have bought that requires $50 in crazy ingredients just to be able to make one thing, just one thing!! Then you will have go out and buy another $50 in more ingredients to make the next thing.  Its just not realistic for me personally.  So with my review wrapping up, I will check back in and let you know how our process is going.  I do plan on giving the kids dairy, egg, and some gluten still as I still have lots of this stuff in the house and I am not going to throw it all away or let it sit and rot.  I believe that cheese is good for you, but I do plan on trying to cut out their sugar intake drastically, replacing it with raw honey and real maple syrup.  They wont know the difference, I just know it!!

I also ordered a subscription from NatureBox for $50 a month for 20 bags of snacks.  Thats only $2.50 a bag.  You can pick the snacks to your liking, including vegan, dairy free, soy free, non gmo, etc.  I of course picked those options and I honestly cant wait to get the box in the mail!! Also a bonus is that Naomi from LoveTaza is currently offering a giveaway for a free 6 month subscription to Nature Box and/or 50% off your first month of NatureBox snacks.  So for my first month I only paid $25 for 20 bags of snacks.  Hopefully this will eliminate our snacking dilemmas!

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