Snap Circuits SC-300 Review

Snap Circuits bord game learning electronics for kids

I’ve been on the hunt for educational board games that would allow me the tools to teach some of the skills that I have to my kids and this was exactly what I was looking the Elenco Snap Circuits SC-300 Physics Kit
. It was an instant hit for all of my kids ranging from 8 to 2 years old. They were all trying to snap pieces together and were eager to find out what each of the components did.

My Kids and Their Engagement

Let’s start with my eight-year-old daughter, Hailey. It’s very difficult to keep her attention in any board game or activity for more than five minutes at a time. This game however kept her attention for almost a whole hour, which seems like world record for her. Once I showed her the little light bulb and that she was able to screw it in to a snap, and it lit up once we connected to the batteries, she was hooked.

My two-year-old son Hunter was loving the activities as well. You can see in his eyes how proud he was of himself when he was able to to snap the pieces together and see the final product. I made sure he had his turn at pressing the switches and connecting critical pieces to the project that we were doing. This game also kept him engaged throughout the whole hour as well.

Now for Lilly, who is six years old basically likes about any board game you play with her and this game was no exception. Once I showed her how to snap the pieces together and those things would either light up or make noises, she was hooked. At the end, after Hunter and Hailey left the table, I was able to do one activity with her one-on-one. We picked a fairly complex project, which took us about 10 minutes to complete. And for the most part with some guidance from me, she was able to do most of it on her own.

My Point of View

Snap Circuits 300- review

I really enjoyed this game because it is right up my alley. I have most of these components for my Arduino projects, and I contemplated many times bringing them out. But I thought it would be much too difficult with tiny little resistors and LEDs and I that it would end up being frustrating for them and me. So when I found this game I was really excited to try it out with them. I was able to sit at the table with them, and use this game as a tool to be able to teach them the basics of electricity without pulling my hair out. The pieces are big enough for them to click together with little to no help from me. It has a good variety of things interesting for them. Also, it feels like we just scratched the surface on the amount of projects this game has available for them. The box states that there are 300 projects that we can do and we must have only done 6 of them. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone that would want to teach their kids about electronics. It definitely has enough stuff in it to keep them going for a bit. It comes with a couple of noise module screw light bulbs, LED’s, resistors, and so on. And if you are like me, you can easily introduce more advanced components with little modification. I am already thinking of how to use all of the stuff I have for my Arduino projects when they outgrow this board game.

The fact that all of my kids were enjoying it and I was able to sit through the whole process without counting down the minutes, makes this game a huge hit for our family. I will definitely be using this as a tool, not only for playing, but for teaching. I will use this game to teach them basic electronics as part as our homeschooling and hopefully can be the part I contribute to my kids’ education.

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