Someone is 3….

hunter is 3


So this week we are celebrating my littlest one’s birthday. This little boy turned 3 and I cant believe it. I know that time really goes by fast, which is very clear when I look at Hailey who will be 9 years old in a few months.  All the memories of bringing her home and all the sleepless newborn nights never fades.

With Hunter who is my baby, who I labored at home with no drugs of course, and who brought so much more love into our lives, is just growing up way too fast. The labor was so intense and the pain felt so defeating, but when he arrived it all washed away and none of it was left behind (okay some of it).

Im not sure if it was that experience coupled with the fact that he is my only boy, but I have always felt a close bond with him. He will always be my baby.

The day was really nice, starting with me getting to be the first person to wish him a happy birthday. We relaxed and cuddled in bed, right at the scene of his arrival into this world, and enjoyed this moment. Then it was birthday donuts, where we all sung to him and he blew out his big number 3 candle. He requested to go to the Everglades to see the alligators so Luis took the kids. He got to see his alligator and all the other animals. The rest of the day was as normal with him opening his presents before dinner. Hotdogs were dinner (per his request), followed by ice cream.

He had so much fun opening his gifts from us and some family members. He is such a boy with his love of Power Rangers and super heroes. I love it.

This weekend we will be celebrating a bit more with a family dinner and cake cutting. Tacos and chocolate chip birthday cake is the menu for the night and I can’t wait to sing to him again.

Hunter, you are cute, so, so, so cute, goofy, funny, strong willed, and smart. I love you so much.

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