Starting our Garden and the Start of Summer

garden kids planting
This past week is the first week that we officially ended homeschool for the summer! It feels really great and there is a sense of relief that comes with less responsibility. This calm is only there because we succeeded in our first year and accomplished what Luis and I set out to accomplish. It’s crazy how one misstep in your life can really shake you up and question everything from there on out. This misstep was the last time we homeschooled. It really effected me and put so many different doubts in my head. But I pushed through them and came out the other side. It’s a really awesome feeling!

So this past week Luis and the kids set up a little portable garden in our driveway, and cleaned up and replanted some things in our garden beds. The kids really love to help him out in the yard, so they had a lot of fun. They planted potatoes, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and some garlic. We had to make it portable because our yard is so landscaped that we don’t get enough sun for things to grow well. The driveway gets the most direct sunlight around the house and things are already sprouting!

We’ve also spent almost every day in our little lagoon pool which is just perfect! We live on a large property owned by my father. He does landscaping and does one of a kind work. He made this once pond into a pool for the kids. Its the perfect depth where Hunter can wear a floaty and be totally fine. I don’t really like to swim, so it’s perfect that I can just relax and watch them from the side. All kids seem to just love swimming, so it’s a great way for them to get their fix while only being a few steps away from the house!

The reality of life is still hitting us in full effect, with most things hitting close to home. It’s really tough to navigate through times like these. The emotions that we feel change, eb, and flow so quickly that its hard to fully understand it. Everyone expresses these emotions differently, which makes it even harder in a way. In the end, all that I truly know is that there is love all around, support all around, and we will triumph in the end.

I am looking forward to the weekend, with some good family time in order. Today I may take the kids to the library to pick out some fun reads. We are still reading and doing some skip counting. I plan on doing that throughout the summer in a relaxed way.

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