Summer Bucket List 2015

summer bucket list 2015

I know summer is over a month away, but I like to think ahead and I also like/love to make lists! Below are some ideas that I would like to do with the kids over the summer. A lot of these activities are home based. We tend to stay home more than venture out, so these activities are perfect for us. Also on the list is a few local spots that I want to check out. I also would like for the girls to continue their learning through occasional reading, science projects, art projects, and maybe even a few math things. I will see how it goes, as it is summer and I don’t want to pressure them. We all need a break from school too. Enjoy!

Reading- read almost every day; start a reading list offering rewards

Science Projects-

1. Mentos and diet coke eruption
2. Tie dye milk
3. Crystal geodes
4. Balloon rockets
5. Color changing carnations

Ice Cream
Free Movies

Art projects

1. Bird feeders
2. Paper plate dream catcher
3. Bubble art prints
4. Nature sun catchers
5. Crayon art fireworks
6. American flag stick hangings
7. Indigo tie dye
8. Nature names

Venetian Pools
Jacobs Aquatic Center


  1. Janet says

    Hi, Katie! I just discovered your blog and podcast…thoroughly enjoying it. I, too, homeschool and noticed that you are considering Teaching Textbooks. We absolutely love it, and it’s taken a huge burden off of my shoulders. The lessons are short and concise with a lot of review. Wishing your family the best, as we are on a similar journey.


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