Well hello there…..

this is what happens when i break out the fingerpainting…it can only turn into full on body painting! but it was fun thats for sure


Well hello there! If anyone has been following along over here you may have noticed that its been a week since my last post.  I dont know how this week happened so quickly, but it did, and I obviously needed this little break.  This past week has been a tough one over here.  Nothing has really changed, but I really needed to figure some stuff out with this space and everything else going on in my life.  Im still not sure exactly what I need to figure out, but I do know that I think I will be shifting focus from an over abundance of tutorials and crafts to focusing more on our bus conversion.  I still will be posting crafty stuff here from time to time and as well as focusing on our products, because lets face it, that will help us the most in achieving our dream, I want to really focusing on our bus and documenting that and all of its details.

So a quick update on the bus; we ordered the steel and sheet metal in order to finally be able to raise the roof and make the slide outs.  the steel will be delivered tomorrow and hopefully within the next two weeks we will have that huge step completed.  And of course as the girl in this situation, I really cant wait till we get to the fun stuff like decorating and picking out appliances, tile, finishes, knobs and do-dads, and everything else.  This whole bus conversion thing is almost like building a home in that you can pick everything out to your liking.  Its completely customized to us! Its all very exciting! I hope you all have a good week and I plan on posting the latest installment of our videos.  Check back in!

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