Wild Craft the Board Game Review

Wild Craft the Board Game box

Let me start off by saying that I love the concept of this game. There’s many things to love about this game, but also some places where it falls short. First let me explain what this game is about. The whole premise of this game is to hopefully teach the players about wild herbs and plants and their medicinal properties. Also, this game is not a competitive one but is a cooperative game. It gives the players the ability to help each other throughout the game. These two things about the game are the components that really made it seem like a home run. But with a limited number of cards and limited options to help other players it makes it feel repetitive fairly quickly.

The Game Play

Wild Craft the Board Game Trouble Card

I will explain a little bit of the game play. Basically, all players are handed out four plant cards. These cards are used to cure ailments you receive as you move around the board. As you move around the board you will also have the opportunity to receive cooperative cards. This is one of the places that fall short. They give you a stack of 30 cards, but they are all the same. These cooperative cards give you two choices; the ability to help a player move up to where you are on the board or the ability to use one of your plant cards to help them with whatever ailments they have. If there would’ve have been larger variety of options when you pick one of these cards, I think it would’ve improve the game somewhat. You also have the ability to receive a trouble cards which are the ailments you receive through the game. This is the part of the game that I really enjoyed, but I also feel that there wasn’t enough variety. Nevertheless the ability to be able to see what plants would help someone with certain sickness or injury was pretty cool. There are some other things to the game that I left out like having enough berries before you get to grandmother’s house, or hopefully making it there before nightfall. But these components of the board game are almost irrelevant to the actual game play in my eyes.

How Was the Enjoyment of WildCraft?

Wild-Craft the Board Game plant cards

My wife and I and my two daughters played the game. About 10 minutes into the game one of my daughters were done playing. The game did not hold her interest at all and was ready to move onto something else. My other daughter really seemed to enjoy the game and roughly an hour into the game when my wife and I were ready to stop playing she wanted to continue and it seemed like she was enjoying it. I can say that besides the idea of learning about these different plants and what they do for us, which is extremely cool, there was not much else. I enjoyed the game for about 15 minutes or so, but when I noticed I was receiving the same cards over and over again it started to feel pretty repetitive fairly quick. I feel that if you were to modify the game play slightly with your own rules and maybe even added some variety to the cooperative cards it could become a much more enjoyable game.

In closing, I really wanted to enjoy this game more. The whole idea of learning about herbs and plants and how we can use them in everyday life really excited me and left me wanting more. I will be giving this game another shot because one of my daughters really enjoyed it, and because I really want to like this game. If my opinion changes on the game I will be give you an update!

Here is there website if you would like more information about Wildcraft board game.

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