Wrapping Home School Up and Getting Ready for Summer Time!

home school wrap up

Well, its officially almost summer time and I can’t wait!! We have only two weeks left of actual learning, with the final third week off. That’s the beauty of homeschooling your kids…we don’t need to keep them in school the final week when all they do is watch movies and play when they are in regular school. So in two weeks I am going to ring that school bell and we are going to get this summer started!

I compiled a little list of happenings, things I’m thinking about, and etc.

  • We started Life of Fred and the girls love it! We are almost done with the first book and plan on continuing throughout the summer.
  • We have finished up our First Language Lessons book 2 weeks ago. Its so nice to finish things!
  • The girls continue to read every morning. But to switch things up we put down McGuffey and picked up a book from my vintage collection that was given/stolen from my grandmother’sĀ  stash..hehe. The books are actual books that my mother and aunts/uncle used to read as children. Their little names are written all over them and my grandmothers old address stamp, stamped all over as well. Its really cool to be able to pass these things down.
  • I have added some things to our summer bucket list that I am excited about. Things added are camping! I have always wanted to take the kids camping but as a homebody that doesn’t like too much of an adventure, I have always shied away from it. I grew up camping, but as a teenager I was forced to go camping, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I am willing to give it another go. Some other things added are some local stuff. I never knew this but apparently Miami has an ancient Spanish Monastery that you can go visit. It was brought over here from Spain. It looks really beautiful!
  • Hailey is turning 9 tomorrow! I am taking them to the beach today for an early celebration as I refuse to take them to the beach on weekends (too busy).
  • I bought theseĀ shoes for my birthday (thanks dad!) and I love them! They are comfortable and perfect for summer! I even went out of the box and bought the berry color. They are perfect.
  • The girls are doing great with telling time. The next step is to apply it to daily life by asking them randomly what time it is on a real clock.
  • We plan on changing our ticket system to a money system so that the girls can practice their money skills. We give them tickets for finishing school, being good, going to bed at night without a problem, etc. It works really well for us. We have paper money that I want to swap out the tickets for and make things like kindle time, worth money. They can save up for things, etc. We hope by putting value to things not only would they appreciate it more, they will learning what its like to save up and make change.
  • I have been sewing again and it feels nice. I made a nightgown for Hailey for her birthday that I think she will love. I also just ordered some more fabric to make a beach coverup for myself. I also want to make Hunter some tank tops. I bought this fabric for me, and this for him!
  • In an effort to pay off our debts, we sold our Honda hybrid and are down to one car. This has halved our debt and freed up so much money, let me tell ya! You wouldn’t think such a mid level car would cost so damn much. We should have never bought it. I loved it and the gas mileage was great, but we rushed into it, and any time you rush into anything it usually is a mistake. But we did something about it at least, and now feel a huge weight off our shoulders. Not only does this free up money for us, it also aids in the direction that we want to take, which is living a simple and within our means lifestyle. Learning how to differentiate between what we need versus what we want and telling ourselves “no” has been a little tough but so rewarding.

Thats the list for this week! Now off to the beach for us! Have a great weekend

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  1. Janet says

    Hi! As always, I am so enjoying your posts and podcasts. They’re extremely inspiring, so thank you for your willingness to share. By the way, we love Life of Fred and will be catching up with Fred all summer. Katie, your husband mentioned your grocery budget and the fact that you’re buying mostly organic. Would you be willing to elaborate on how you keep your weekly expenses towards groceries so low? This is my biggest struggle. Thank you in advance!

    • says

      Hi There! Im so glad to hear it!
      We are really enjoying Life of Fred as well. We are almost done with the first book and plan on continuing on. I thought it would be way to easy for the girls, which most of it is, but there is also other information that I didn’t even know. Its pretty interesting!
      As far as the groceries go, we struggle with it as well. We always try our hardest to search for the cheapest organic products, but sometimes its just expensive no matter what. Some things we do to try and lower the costs are 1. shop at Costco and BJ’s. I know everyone says this, but its true. Whole Foods sells boneless skinless chicken breasts for a few dollars more a lb than Costco. Every type of organic meat is several dollars cheaper than regular grocery stores if you buy at big box stores. Lately we have also been discussing buying cheaper organic cuts of meat like chicken thighs and drumsticks. We also try and use less meat during meals, however, we do try to eat grain/wheat free, so this has proven to be harder. Rice certainly is a filler, but I try not to make it that often. We may need to bring that back a few nights a week however. 2. I save some money by making a lot of the things myself. Grain free/dairy free cookies, muffins, pancakes, tortillas, etc. They can get expensive, like really expensive, if you buy them in the store. Especially since regular grocery stores probably wouldn’t carry them, you’d have to go to Whole Foods which is super expensive. 3. We try not to go to Whole Foods at all! Hah! Its hard because I love that store, but no matter how big or small the list is, I always end up spending over $100 every single time. It doesn’t make me feel good afterwards, especially since we are buying food in other stores too. But I can’t ignore the fact that some things we buy are only carried there.
      I hope this helps, but just know that we don’t have it all figured out and its a weekly struggle for us too. We pick and choose and try our best. Thanks!

      • Janet says

        That’s actually very helpful. Thank you! I think I feel pretty good sometimes just to get a home-cooked meal on the table every night, but I should really be expanding on that with homemade snacks, etc. versus store bought, pre-packaged items, no matter how healthy it may seem. Costco is a staple for us, but it is definitely one of those places where I can walk in with 10 things on a list and easily spend over $100. Thanks again for your input!

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