About Our Handmade Cards & Paper Products

What I love about all of my designs are that they come in so many different varieties and have every saying out there that will help anyone get their point across in the prettiest way. But what I do feel is lacking in the paper goods world is those unique and quirky cards and products. Yes, anyone can go to the store and pick up a greeting card that is probably in every other store with the generic saying printed on the cover, and with that said, I have set out to create handmade greeting cards, note cards, and invitations that reach the same market but offer that handmade and unique aspect. With my handmade paper goods I feel that I can offer that something different that we may be searching for.

handmade cards

My Process

Each product entails its own unique process which starts with brain storming ideas and catchy sayings. I usually start with a picture, maybe it simply starts with something that catches my eye during my day to day chores. I then ponder about that certain something, coming up with a design and hopefully a cute phrase that will tie it all together. Once this is created in my head, I put it on paper. As simple as it may seem, I usually end up creating many different drafts and designs until the layout and placing is just right. I also love colors, and always have. Over time I realized that I tend to lean towards more natural and subdued colors, and not so much of the bright and loud colors. Soft blues, greens, and peaches always create a pull for me. Scripts and natural handwriting and fonts also create that same effect for me which leads me to my next point in that I believe what makes my handmade paper products so special is that they come from a natural state of mind. My goal is simplicity, nature, and also some modern aspects.

These are some of the steps I take

  • An idea pops into my head
  • I wait to have some quiet time, which tends to be hard to come by
  • I then sketch out some drafts on paper
  • Scan in best sketch to digitize the design
  • I love using Photoshop to clean up sketches and add color and any other effects that might be needed
  • I print out the preliminary design to view colors and how the layout would look on the physical item
  • I then go back and make any final adjustments to the colors and pictures
  • Finally I print out the final product to make sure that everything is just right!

Materials I Use

The paper I have chosen for my greeting cards and note card sets is also something that relates with nature in that they are all printed on recycled card stock paper. Not only is it important for me to use recycled materials, I also love the effect that it gives. Again, touching on the natural aspect of my designs, I believe that the paper compliments my designs just perfectly. My specifically chosen craft paper envelopes are also made of recycled paper to round out the the natural feel of my products.

Stay At Home Mom And Work

It must be said however that as a stay at home mother to three kids, one of them still home with me during the day, I really have a hard time finding the time to create and draw undisturbed. So, of course, I hold on to those nap times for dear life and I use that time to ponder and create. But unfortunately when my son wakes up no matter how enthralled I am in the process, I must stop and tend to his needs. While this can be a challenge (why do I have to stop when I’m really inspired?!), I also think of many designs and ideas while playing with my children. Certain children’s toys and objects have become the inspiration to some of my designs already and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think once you are a mother it becomes really hard to get out of that frame of mind. But I am not complaining as motherhood is really the main reason why I started this venture to begin with.

What Inspires Me

I love being a stay at home mom and I really don’t want that to change anytime soon so I created Lemonhead Press in hopes that it would aid in allowing me to remain at home. Our family also has big dreams and goals of traveling around the United States in our converted school bus! Yes, it may seem crazy but the idea of the freedom that the road can give is just something that we have been craving around here. So with that said, not only do I love to create and try new things, I really love being able to achieve success and accomplish my goals in my own special way. Lemonhead Press has been an avenue of sorts to hopefully allow us to do just that.

Future Goals

As time moves forward, I hope to be able to add different products to the shop, try new techniques, and of course build on what we already have going.  I would love to be the one stop shop for party goods, cards, gifts, and home decor.  But as the saying goes, “One step at a time” and hopefully before I know it, my goals are accomplished.

handmade invitations and greeting cards

Here’s a short video that we may hope you enjoy it