Cute Ideas for Valentines Day

I cant wait to share this next little project with you guys! I seem to always have a ton of cute ideas for Valentines Day in the back of my head, but this one especially I just love.  The simple “Pucker Up” writing and the teals, purples, pinks, and reds are just so pretty.  Cute ideas for Valentines Day are all over the place, but these printables are so easy.

cute ideas for valentines day

Pucker Up Valentines Day Lips

  • 1 package of whistle lips ( I bought mine at Michael’s craft store
  • Download the Pucker Up sheet here
  • Print out the sheet onto heavy card stock paper
  • Cut out the labels, each measures 4″x3.5″ for reference
  • Punch a hole in the center of the cut out label
  • Using scissors, cut slits around the hole so that you can push the lips into the hole, and done!

At first I was afraid that the lips would easily slip out of the hole, but they are in there pretty good.  This craft is so so easy and I love the retro look of them from the color choices.  I hope you enjoy all of my cute ideas for Valentines Day!

cute ideas for valentines day

cute ideas for valentines day


  1. Karen Cotton says

    Hi, i love paper crafting .
    your wed site is alsome!!!!! I am also a stay at home mom as well ,I need help with starting my on web sit. IF you don’t mind can you give me some tips with this card game please, please !!!!!!
    Thanks, K.Cotton

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