Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy New Year! We dont have any plans for New Year’s Eve, which seems to be the case for many parents out there.  I don’t know how we would even find someone to watch the kids even if we wanted to go out and do something.  Any single person out there would be celebrating and definitely not wanting to babysit.  Anyways, with 2013 wrapping up and welcoming in 2014, I cant help but be very excited.  In 2014 we have many plans that will hopefully become a reality like our bus conversion and how we want to make it our home and go on the road.  We still have many things to accomplish first before we can make it happen, so hopefully  by the end of the new year we will have everything set up.  We feel so ready to move on and see all that there is to see.  Wherever we end up after this journey, we hope to have grown as a family and be more content in our lives and environment.

But while we wait and prepare for our goals to be accomplished, I plan on taking in Miami and experiencing all that it has to offer.  When you live in the same city all your life you tend to take it for granted, and for me, end up hating it.  Maybe its because I know that we are leaving soon, but I have felt the need indulge in the culture a bit more and see all the beautiful things there are in Miami.  So I guess you can expect many posts about Miami and our adventures in this spot for a bit. I hope you enjoy it, haha.

Happy New Year to all and may all your goals and dreams come into reality!

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