Relaxed Homeschool Week 14

christmas tree

This past week was a very light and very short homeschool week for us. We ended up only doing school stuff for Monday and Tuesday. But the rest of the week was filled with holiday stuff. Thanksgiving prep started Wednesday and then Thursday was dedicated to Thanksgiving. It was a nice day and low key. We ended up doing quite a lot of Christmas stuff that weekend which we usually save for later in the month of December, but why not see the Christmas lights in November? We got our Christmas tree Saturday, saw the lights Saturday night and even started some baking.


I have been bookmarking baking recipes that we can do together this next month. On the agenda is homemade marshmallows, sugar cookies of course, and definitely more of these soft pretzels. Man did they turn out delicious!


This coming week I plan on making it a full week of school. I have been seeing around the internet that many homeschooling families take the whole month of December off, but I think we will continue on with school. I might even hold off on our holiday break till the New Year because my mother is coming to visit for two weeks around that time and I’m thinking school will end up taking the back seat for most days. So in order to not feel so guilty, I think we will wait a bit.

orangesclove and oranges

What are your plans for the month December? Any baking happening? Last years sugar cookies were an epic failure, so I am still nervous about trying them again. Any full proof sugar cookie recipes you would like to share with me? Please?! Happy Holidays!

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