Teacher’s Christmas Gift

Every Christmas and end of the school year I am always faced with the dilemma of teacher’s Christmas gifts.  Do I buy them a gift certificate and for how much, buy them a cheesy “teacher” gift that they would probably just throw to the side, or make them something with a possible duplicate fate of said cheesy teacher gift? I always end up stressing over it, but this year I thought the best gift would be something from the shop. Its technically homemade or made from my home, but its a little more sophisticated than a cotton ball snow man picture or Christmas cookies made by the kids.  So I made these personalized note cards for their teacher and I love the way they turned out.  A simple gift that is practical all the same. I think she will love it and hey, it was practically free considering I had all the supplies already.  And while a gift certificate is a good option too, this I feel anyway is better in that it was specifically made with her in mind.

This years Christmas is down….

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