A Reading Breakthrough

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When we set out to start homeschooling the girls, my ultimate goal was for both girls (especially Hailey) to start to enjoy learning and trying new things. Lilly always enjoys it but my fear for her was that the longer she stayed in a regular school she would start to hate it.  With Hailey however, she was already there. She hated school, hated reading, and really just hated even hearing the word “school”. I knew this would only get worse the longer she was in there and that it would be one of the biggest barriers to break down once we started homeschooling.

But as of a few weeks ago, the barrier of hating to read has officially been broken down! Both the girls have tremendously improved in their reading (almost over night) and Hailey has taken it upon herself to read almost everything in sight.  This is a big deal for her and for us. She always looked through books but never tried to read them. She only looked at it’s pictures and pretended to read the books. And whenever I asked her to actually try and sound out the words she would always whine and say she couldn’t do it. Of course I knew she could but she just simply found the thought of sounding anything out just simply too exhausting.

I understand why she felt this way. Its always been such a struggle for her. Sounding things out, slowly and methodically, only to forget the same word that re-appears in the next sentence.  While that still happens to her, her confidence has grown enough where it doesn’t discourage her.

We have been using McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader on and off for most of the year and I honestly think that this book has really contributed to her new found confidence. She has slowly realized that she actually can read and now she doesn’t dread it as much. She tells me how she reads so good now (which is amazing to hear) and now grabs books on her own and sounds everything out on her own. There have been countless times as of late that we have found her sitting quietly by herself reading, and actually doing it.

Its really awesome.

And as far as Lilly goes, her reading fluency has tremendously improved and she is soaring through pages and pages in her book.

I love being able to see the difference that homeschool has made for Hailey and Lilly.

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